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From birds to cats, from dinosaurs to bears, the Royal Canadian Mint has all sorts of animals featured on expertly crafted, often superbly coloured coins.

  • No. 146852
    Mintage 588

    A FIRST! Scallop-shaped kilo silver coin with coloured enamel! Order today!

    $2,288.88 CAD
  • No. 144365
    Mintage 7500

    98% SOLD!

    $99.95 CAD
  • No. 142400
    Mintage 15000

    Available as a single or 5-coin subscription, order yours today!

    $64.95 CAD
  • No. 143436
    Mintage 7500

    A gorgeous coin set. Order yours today before they’re all gone!

    $199.95 CAD
  • No. 142260
    Mintage 15000

    Order today! A beautiful small songbird, sure to brighten any collection!

    $64.95 CAD
  • No. 141271
    Mintage 15000

    Available as a single or 5-coin subscription, order yours today!

    $64.95 CAD
  • No. 143122
    Mintage 15000

    The fourth coin in the ongoing series titled Colourful Songbirds of Canada

    $64.95 CAD
  • No. 143386
    Mintage 15000

    Fifth and final coin in the Colourful Songbirds of Canada series.

    $64.95 CAD
  • No. 142775
    Mintage 7500

    A fun and affordable gold coin, perfect to add to or start your gold collection!

    $129.95 CAD
  • No. 147011
    Mintage 10

    A FIRST! Scallop-shaped gold kilo coin with coloured enamel! Order today!

    Phone only
    $69,000.00 CAD
  • No. 148429
    Mintage 1500

    Uses distinctive artistic style of Haida formline imagery with red and black enamel. Order today!

    $549.95 CAD
  • No. 148366
    Mintage 50

    Includes a FREE maplewood case to showcase your coin in your display! Order today!

    $12,000.00 CAD
  • No. 147032
    Mintage 500

    First coin in a new series! Also available as a 3-coin subscription!

    $1,099.95 CAD
  • No. 132478
    Mintage 17500

    Vibrant colour on an extra-large 25-cent coin! Order today!

    $29.95 CAD
  • No. 141289
    Mintage 10000

    A popular design; order yours before they're all gone!

    $69.95 CAD
  • No. 144031
    Mintage 10000

    Aboriginal art and modern technology combine to create a distinctly unique coin. Order yours today!

    $79.95 CAD
  • No. 141493
    Mintage 7500

    Third issue in a series of intricate 1/25 oz. pure gold coins! Order yours today!

    $129.95 CAD
  • No. 145519
    Mintage 15000

    Includes a FREE MUSICAL BOX, order today!

    $64.95 CAD
  • No. 149166
    Mintage 3000

    Previous coins in series sold out, order your subscription today!

    $184.95 CAD
  • No. 146686
    Mintage 7500

    An ideal gift for someone who enjoys travelling and stunning vistas. Order your coin today!

    $89.95 CAD
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