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Add some colour to your collection with the Royal Canadian Mint's coloured coins! Discover a wide variety of shapes, designs, and materials to suit collectors of all tastes.

  • No. 142684
    Mintage 8500

    A beautiful new series! Order your single coin or 8-coin subscription today!

    $99.95 CAD
  • No. 141271
    Mintage 15000

    Available as a single or 5-coin subscription, order yours today!

    $64.95 CAD
  • No. 129825
    Mintage 10000

    95% SOLD!

    $114.95 CAD
  • No. 140443
    Mintage 10000

    UNIQUE: Uses an achromatic hologram to create special 3D effect!*

    $119.95 CAD
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