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The Royal Canadian Mint’s gold and platinum coins make rich additions to your collection, featuring everything from Canada’s fauna to historical events and the iconic maple leaf.

  • No. 147529
    Mintage 10000

    A stunning keepsake that will become a cherished family heirloom to enrich Diwali celebrations for...

    $79.95 CAD
  • No. 150557
    Mintage 300

    UNIQUE: A special opportunity to own an expertly engraved rendition of a well-known Thomson...

    $2,699.95 CAD
  • No. 147598
    Mintage 275

    UNIQUE: Your coin is packaged in a unique wooden case enhanced with gold foil design. Order today!

    $2,699.95 CAD
  • No. 142766
    Mintage 1000

    Features a beautiful profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II created in 1990! Order...

    $649.95 CAD
  • No. 144779
    Mintage 15000

    Celebrate the athletic achievements in your family with this gold-medal inspired coin! Order yours...

    $44.95 CAD
  • No. 142775
    Mintage 7500

    A fun and affordable gold coin, perfect to add to or start your gold collection!

    $129.95 CAD
  • No. 144594
    Mintage 2500

    Your coin comes in a gold satin-like covered case with a custom red sleeve! Order today!

    $688.88 CAD
  • No. 142424
    Mintage 10000

    Next coin in our 11-millimetre gold coin series!

    $79.95 CAD
  • No. 144989
    Mintage 2000

    96% SOLD!

    $799.95 CAD
  • No. 141493
    Mintage 7500

    Third issue in a series of intricate 1/25 oz. pure gold coins! Order yours today!

    $129.95 CAD
  • No. 140602
    Mintage 7500

    An affordable opportunity to own a beautiful gold coin!

    $129.95 CAD
  • No. 149347
    Mintage 1000

    From the New Zealand Mint! Great present for any Disney princesses fan.

    $699.95 CAD
  • No. 142633
    Mintage 300

    93% SOLD!

    $2,699.95 CAD
  • No. 148366
    Mintage 50

    Includes a FREE maplewood case to showcase your coin in your display! Order today!

    $12,000.00 CAD
  • No. 130636
    Mintage 200

    95% SOLD!

    $2,999.95 CAD
  • No. 143257
    Mintage 888

    Convey a blessing of prosperity with this beautiful coin! A perfect gift!

    $988.88 CAD
  • No. 146810
    Mintage 1500

    Commemorates the amazing rescue of Norway's national treasury during Second World War! Order today!

    $649.95 CAD
  • No. 147011
    Mintage 10

    A FIRST! Scallop-shaped gold kilo coin with coloured enamel! Order today!

    Phone only
    $69,000.00 CAD
  • No. 147514
    Mintage 300

    Three gorgeous designs. Low mintage. Crafted in pure gold with vibrant colour!

    $8,000.00 CAD
  • No. 141805
    Mintage 1500

    Second coin in the gold series featuring a different effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

    $649.95 CAD
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