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The Royal Canadian Mint honours the Canadian maple leaf in all its glory with a special series featuring holograms, pure gold, fine silver, and even a rectangular flag coin.

  • No. 154436
    Mintage 30000

    Previous coin SOLD OUT! Order today!

    Rating: 4.5
    52 reviews
    $29.95 CAD
  • No. 146656
    Mintage 10000

    A beautiful coin that commemorates Her Majesty’s long and eventful reign! Order your coin today!

    Rating: 4.5
    103 reviews
    $99.95 CAD
  • No. 143187
    Mintage 7500

    Previous coins in series sold out! Hurry and order yours today!

    Rating: 4.5
    24 reviews
    $99.95 CAD
  • No. 143492
    Mintage 8500

    A WORLD FIRST: Made with ancient Japanese sword-making technique! Order yours...

    Rating: 5.0
    12 reviews
    $139.95 CAD
  • No. 144462
    Mintage 8500

    Features masterful engraving and a stunning combination of different finishes, reliefs and...

    Rating: 4.0
    5 reviews
    $124.95 CAD
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