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$20 Fine Silver Coin - Pink Crystal Snowflake (2009)

Mintage 15000
Approx. $68.15 USD
$94.95 CAD

Only 15,000 coins worldwide (two versions combined)

To scientists, they are “six-sided dendrite ice crystals;” to children, they are the beginnings of snowmen and fun-filled toboggan rides; to Canada, they are its most defining climatic feature. But to the observant eye, snowflakes are tiny sculptures of incredible beauty; so intricate they have been the focus of much scientific study.

The iconic star-shaped snowflake may appear to have endless shapes and forms, but it always maintains its hallmark, six-sided shape. These latest snowflake coins showcase yet another breathtaking design beautifully enhanced with CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements.

Highlights: The crystalline beauty of snowflakes shimmers with genuine CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Elements—a larger crystal at the coin’s centre surrounded by six in Aurora Borealis Blue or Aurora Borealis Pink. The shine of 99.99% silver enhances the overall effect of this wintry treasure.

Reverse: An iconic six-sided snowflake shimmers with crystalline beauty.

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