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Fine Silver Coin - Tulip with Venetian Glass Ladybug (2011)

Mintage 5000
Canada and US only
1 per order
1 per household
Approx. $100.44 USD
$139.95 CAD

A WORLD FIRST! Features a prized Venetian glass ladybug.

This is the first coin ever to be embellished with Venetian glass, a world-renowned glass prized for its clarity and extremely vibrant colours. Each glass ladybug was handcrafted by a master-glassmaker in Murano, Italy.

Coin design:
A vibrant ladybug poised on a beautiful coloured tulip.

Artistry meets unrivalled dimension.
The Mint’s latest innovation brought its world-renowned engravers together with Italy’s master artisan to create this unique treasure. They combined Venetian glass with a unique coloured design to deliver a coin that boasts new and unrivalled dimension. Crafted to perfection, each is an eye-catching work of art. The process of making Venetian glass is rather complex and most glass art is made using lampworking technique.

The tulip is a true sign of spring. Its distinctive bellshaped bloom captures precious rainwater and is a safe haven that naturally shelters the ladybug, a welcome garden guest.

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