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$200 Gold Coin – Agriculture Trade (2008)

Mintage 4,000
Canada and US only
$676.95 CAD

Fourth issue in the Historical Commerce series

This exquisite 22-karat gold coin is a unique and incomparable tribute to agriculture, one of Canada's founding and defining industries. Coaxing essential foodstuffs from the ground has been a major preoccupation since time immemorial. Canada's first pioneers were undeterred by this challenging land and managed to transform sustenance farming into one of the nation's major industries — with little or no mechanization and horses as their only power supply.

Every detail is crafted to ultra-crisp perfection and only 4,000 coins are available worldwide—a must-have acquisition for coin collectors.

A typical farming scene from the 1920’s – a farmer plowing his field with a two-horse team.

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