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Chinese Lunar Calendar Medallion Set (2013)


Canada and US only
3 per order
$15.95 CAD

A striking new collection, sure to bring luck to any household!

Chinese astrology dates back thousands of years. And now you can share in that history with a magnificent new collection celebrating the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Discover 12 iconic lunar animal signs, struck as unique fan-shaped medallions, in gleaming 24K gold plating. The obverse of each fan-shaped medallion showcases the famous Forbidden City of China. Superbly struck in the highest proof-finish quality, this set is magnificent and yet surprisingly affordable. Start your collection with a low introductory price of only $15.95 for the first medallion celebrating the Year of the Snake and continue with each subsequent piece attractively priced at only $25.95 each.

Show off your dazzling new set in a high gloss lacquered wooden collector's box. Each of the fan-shaped medallions forms a circle around the remarkable round centerpiece depicting a Buddha figure.

Reserve your set now and look forward to receiving your first medallion once shipping starts in June 2014. A new medallion will follow each month. Enjoy the convenience and affordability of our 'pay as you go' plan – your credit card gets billed only as each piece is shipped to you once a month.

Enjoy the benefits of this magnificent collection:
1. An impressive collection of medallions
     •  Exclusive – limited to only 8,888 complete collections worldwide
     •  Masterfully crafted in copper and plated in pure 24K gold
     •  Proof-finish medallions of exceptional quality
2. Free gifts
     •  A free gold-plated round Buddha medallion upon purchase of the 12 fan-shaped medallions
     •  A free wooden presentation box, to store and display all the medallions, upon purchase of your 3rd medallion
3. Savings: enjoy a total savings of $85.95
     •  Save $10 on the 1st medallion with a low introductory price of only $15.95
     •  Save $50 on the wooden presentation box, yours for free upon purchase of your 3rd medallion
     •  Save $25.95 on the last Buddha medallion, yours for free upon purchase of the first 12 medallions
4. Country of Origin: China

One simple guarantee: 100% SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
The Royal Canadian Mint fully guarantees the superior quality and craftsmanship of its products. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us by regular mail in its original packaging within 14 calendar days of invoice and we will gladly offer you a replacement (subject to product availability) or send you a full refund.

Each medallion ships for $2.99 CAD. Medallion #3 ships with your collector case for $14.99 CAD and medallion #12 will ship with your free round Buddha medallion for $7.99 (applies to shipments within Canada only)

* All prices are in Canadian currency. Applicable taxes extra, shipping & handling charges will apply. Credit card purchases only. Medallions pictured are not actual size. The Royal Canadian Mint reserves the right to limit the total amount of subscribers. The Royal Canadian Mint guarantees product availability of at least one full set of 13 medallions for subscribers to this collection. The Royal Canadian Mint reserves the right to impose purchase quantity limits on certain items. Your credit card will be charged when each medallion is shipped. Subscription agreement may be cancelled at your request at any time with a phone call or written notice to Royal Canadian Mint. Guaranteed right of return for each medallion within 14 calendar days of date of invoice. Kindly return shipment to the Royal Canadian Mint, PO Box 457, Stn A, Ottawa, ON, K1N 8V5. © 2013 Royal Canadian Mint. All rights reserved.

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