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Holiday Gift Set (2012)

Approx. $14.51 USD
$19.95 CAD

A great stocking stuffer for the coin enthusiast in your family!

Original coin artwork by Gary Taxali Each coin set includes Canada’s 2012 traditional uncirculated coins* with a unique engraved design on the 25-cent piece!

Special features:
• Last holiday gift set to include the penny!
• Includes uncirculated coins from 2012 (1¢, 5¢, 10¢, $1 and $2).
• A perfect starter set for a young coin enthusiast!
• Eligible for letter mail shipping ($2.99 Canada only, limit of 3 per letter mail).

An exciting retro twist to our popular gift sets! Award-winning illustrator and artist Gary Taxali ( draws on 1930’s graphics and iconography to create coin designs with the eye-catching, comical essence of pop culture. Features beautifully engraved holiday ornaments.

• Coins are set in a blister in the inside panel of the card, with the special 25¢ struck coin integrated to feature in the message in the front panel.
• Photography is by Matt Barnes, a Toronto-based and commercial photographer whose work is heavily influenced by pop culture and his unsurpassable passion for photography.

Get on early start on your holiday shopping and order yours today!

*25-cent caribou coin not included.

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