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New $100 for $100 silver coins of 2014

Mintage 50000
Canada and US only
3 per household
Approx. $71.77 USD
$100.00 CAD

Introducing the new coins in the groundbreaking $100 for $100 series!

Two $100 coins will be available in 2014. The Bald Eagle will be followed by the Big Horned Sheep. Why wait? Get both - simply order the subscription and get the Bald Eagle coin upon ordering. The 2nd $100 coin, the Big Horned Sheep, will be shipped to you in July.

The first two issues of $100 for $100 coins in 2013 sold out. Don’t miss out – subscribe today!

The 2014 $100 for $100 coins will be available to purchase as single coins while supplies last.


*Shipping and handling charges and tax on shipping applies.

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