0.5 g Fine Gold Coin - Caribou (2010)
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0.5 g Fine Gold Coin - Caribou (2010)

Mintage 15,000
$74.95 CAD


An intricate masterpiece in pure gold.
The Mint’s spirit of innovation shines bright with this all-new pure gold coin—it’s smaller than ever!

Its design features the caribou from the 25-cent coin that entered circulation in 1937 as part of a new, modern coin series introduced to better reflect Canada’s national identity.The Arctic, as essential a theme now as then, was the inspiration for Canadian sculptor Emanuel Hahn (1881-1957) who created this enduring image of a caribou; a design that has not changed in 73 years.

During his career, Emanuel Hahn created a number of Canadian coin designs, including the original Voyageur silver dollar.

Pushing the envelope further with minute engraved details, this smallerthan- ever pure gold coin measures only 11 mm across. Struck in 99.99% pure gold, this coin is a proud and very collectible keepsake of Canada.

Coin design:
The caribou design from the traditional 25-cent circulation coin.

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