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Polar Bear 2-Coin Set - Mintage: 7500 (2013)

Mintage 7500
Canada only
Approx. $563.78 USD
$774.95 CAD

97% SOLD! Premium versions of our popular bullion coin designs!

A symbol of the power and vastness of Canada’s northern landscape, the Polar Bear is an iconic animal for Canadians. In a nation dominated by weather extremes, the Polar Bear’s ability to survive and thrive in the harshest climate reflects Canadians’ stalwart pragmatism and spirit of adventure.

Order your 2-coin set today!

Special features:
• Your coins are premium version of the Royal Canadian Mint’s 99.99% pure silver and gold bullion coins, struck in proof finish with mirror-like background.
• Your coins are engraved in exquisite detail to celebrate one of Canada’s most important national icons.
• Struck to a limited mintage of only 7,500 gold and silver 2-coin sets available worldwide.
• A stunning addition to any collection featuring Canadian wildlife, images of nature, Canadiana, or polar bears.

Both of your coins were designed by Canadian artist Germaine Arnaktauyok whose design features a polar bear in its natural habitat.

Your coins are encapsulated and presented in a RCM-banded maple wood box with protective shipping sleeve.

This coin is an excellent addition to any coin display focused around nature.

Order your 2 coin set today!

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