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Special Edition Uncirculated Set - Olympic Moments (2010)

Mintage 30000
$27.95 CAD

Top 3 Moments coins included in this set.

As an Official Supporter of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced limited mintage collector coins and sets. To create the most extensive Winter Games Coin Program possible, the Mint asked Canadians to share their favourite Winter Olympic Medals Moments. More than 100 Top Winter Olympic Medals Moments were whittled down to 10 by a jury. From there, Canadians voted on their top three Canadian Olympic medals. This set celebrates these favourite three Canadian Winter Olympic Medals Moments.

Canada’s traditional* uncirculated coin sets have long been a popular starting point for new collections - but this special edition set is expected to be especially popular since it also includes the Vancouver 2010 Lucky Loonie PLUS three Canadian Winter Olympic Medals Moments 25-cent (quarters) coloured coins.

Whether acquired in this set or in circulation, it’s important to know coloured Olympic Medals Moments coins are scarce.

Miss out on this ultimate Winter Olympic Medals souvenir and the only way to own all three Winter Olympic Medals coloured quarters becomes challenging. That’s right – for each of the three Olympic Medals Moments quarters, 22 million coins will enter circulation. BUT of those 22 million coins, only 3 million Olympic Medals Moments will be in colour – and each one will only be found, by chance, in random rolls distributed throughout this great nation.

Don’t be disappointed! Get your 2010 Special Edition Uncirculated Set and be guaranteed to own all 3 coloured quarters - these coins are not to be missed!

* Traditional Loon Dollar and quarter (25-cent) Caribou coin not included.

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