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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Emblem for Canada - Silver Plated Coloured Coin (2012)

Canada and US only
Approx. $21.79 USD
$29.95 CAD

Faithful reproduction of the Diamond Jubilee Emblem for Canada.

Design approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Special features:
• A larger coin plated in silver, packaged in a colourful folder featuring the image of The Queen wearing a Maple Leaf brooch and waving to Canadians during her official visit to Canada on Canada Day 2010.
• Specimen finish

About the Design:
A garland of maple leaves cradles The Queen’s monogram (EIIR) and St. Edward’s Crown, flanked by the years 1952 and 2012 in celebration of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

• Coin is encapsulated and presented in a colourful folder, protected by plastic sleeve.
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: Celebrating the Royal Cypher.

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