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The War of 1812 Commemorative Gift Set (2013)

Approx. $14.51 USD
$19.95 CAD

A perfect gift for Canadian history/military enthusiasts and budding coin enthusiasts.

The War of 1812 was a fundamental turning point in Canada’s development as a nation. The Royal Canadian Mint proudly presents five coins in this commemorative gift set, celebrating the stories of heroes who emerged from the war.

Special features:
• Five uncirculated coins, each carefully selected to provide you the best examples of their kind.
• No need to hunt through your change: this is the best way for you to get all the special commemorative War of 1812 coloured quarters and $2 coin in one place!
• Your gift set includes an overview of each coin’s subject, and their heroic stories that inspired a nation.

Your coin set includes one 2012 $2 coin displaying the HMS Shannon; as well as four coloured quarters featuring War of 1812 heroes Sir Isaac Brock, Tecumseh, Charles-Michel de Salaberry, and Laura Secord.

Your coins are set in a blister inside a three-panel full colour card.

Order your gift set today!

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