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Year of the Dragon - 1/2 oz Fine Silver Coin (2012)

Mintage 588888
Canada and US only
Approx. $28.67 USD
$39.95 CAD

Only availabe until January 2, 2013. 99.99% pure silver coin a perfect 2012 Chinese Zodiac gift!

1/2 ounce fine silver coin currently amongst our top 5 sellers.

Your coin features include:
• GST/HST exempt
• Created with old-world craftsmanship and skill
• Specimen finish! A three-fold combination of different finishes. The design (relief or raised area) includes both brilliant and mirrored surfaces and the background (field) are striated using laser etching that results in a matte finish

About the Design:
On your coin is a four-clawed dragon that stretches along the outer edge of the coin; its lines and contours full of fiery character; with a Chinese character and clouds representing its good fortune

About the Package:
• Your coin is encapsulated and packaged along with the serialized certificate in a red cardboard pocket, and altogether presented in a red envelope with the coin design and Chinese wishes printed on it in gold and red foil

Just like the traditional red envelope used for Chinese New Year, this is a perfect Year of the Dragon gift giving opportunity for the Chinese Zodiac. Celebrate 2012 and order the Year of the Dragon pure silver $10 coin today!

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