1 oz. Pure Silver 5-Coin Subscription – Warriors of History – Mintage: 5,000 (2016)

1 oz. Pure Silver 5-Coin Subscription – Warriors of History – Mintage: 5,000 (2016)

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1 oz. Pure Silver 5-Coin Subscription – Warriors of History – Mintage: 5,000 (2016)

$109.95 CAD
Mintage: 5,000
Awaiting Stock Available from official dealers
Canada and US only

From the New Zealand Mint! Subscribe today!

Human history is filled with stories of legendary warriors, who fought and conquered their enemies through the skillful use of weapons and superior tactics.

This Warriors of Historycoin collection brings alive the stories of some of the most legendary warriors in history. Order your subscription today!

Special features:

  • ONE COIN PER MONTH! Subscribe today* and then relax knowing you will receive all five coins
    ($109.95 per coin)—one coin per month! Coins in your subscription include:
    • Samurai (priced at $109.95)
    • Vikings (priced at $109.95)
    • Spartans (priced at $109.95)
    • Knights Templar (priced at $109.95)
    • Romans (priced at $109.95)
  • ANTIQUE FINISH BACKGROUND! All the warriors on your coins are depicted in full colour on antique-finish background!
  • LIMITED WORLDWIDE MINTAGE! Only 5,000 coins will be made worldwide!
  • ONE TROY OUNCE! Each coin in your subscription has a weight of one troy ounce!
  • PURE SILVER! Each of your five coins are 99.9 pure silver!
  • PAY-AS-YOU-GO! Enjoy the convenience of paying as the coins are shipped and that you will receive all the coins in the subscription even if the individual-selling coins are sold out!
  • CONVENIENT! Once you subscribe, your coins will be shipped to you automatically, no more work on your end is needed!
  • AFFORDABLE! Building your collection is easy and affordable with our Pay-as-you-go plan!
  • GST/HST EXEMPT! Your coins are GST/HST exempt!

About the coins in your 5-coin subscription:

Your coin displays a coloured illustration of a Samurai in full armour with Samurai soldiers lined up for battle in the background.

Your coin displays a a coloured illustration of a Viking warrior in full battle-gear with longships and warriors in the background.

Your coin displays a coloured illustration of a Spartan soldier in full armour with a Spartan army approaching a battle in the background.

Knights Templar
Your coin displays a coloured illustration of a Knights Templar with knights on warhorses going into battle in the background.

Your coin displays a coloured illustration of a Roman soldier with Roman soldiers in action in the background.

Each of your Warriors of History coins are presented in separate display cases. Illustrated and coloured covered certificates are included in each package.

Order your 5-coin subscription today!

* Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back. Whether you are purchasing coins for your collection or unique gifts for friends and family, you can be assured that the Mint fully guarantees the superior quality and craftsmanship of its products. Shop with confidence knowing that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return it to us in its original packaging within
30 days and we will gladly offer you a replacement (subject to product availability) or send you a full refund. In the case of a defective product, we will accept the return up to one year from the date of purchase.



  • No.158889
  • Mintage5,000
  • Composition99.9% pure silver
  • Finishantique/coloured
  • Weight (g) 31.1
  • Diameter (mm) 40
  • Edgemilled
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value2 dollars, Country of Issue: Niue
  • Artist

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