2015 Franklin Expedition: Official First Day Cover (se-tenant pair)

2015 Franklin Expedition: Official First Day Cover (se-tenant pair)

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2015 Franklin Expedition: Official First Day Cover (se-tenant pair)

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A unique collectible of a famous Arctic mystery! Order today!

Honour the lost sailors of the Franklin Expedition and pay tribute to the Canadian discovery that will help unlock the secrets of a famous Arctic mystery with this unique collectible.

In 2014, Parks Canada and its partners located the wreck of HMS Erebus, one of two ships from Sir John Franklin's 1840's journey in search of the Northwest Passage. In the main image, the probable route of that ill-fated expedition is marked by a red dotted line through the icy Arctic waters.
Franklin's voyage ended in tragedy when his ships became trapped in ice and the surviving sailors eventually died. The desperation of their southbound march is captured in a pictorial cancellation on the se-tenant domestic stamps in the upper right corner, above the cancellation site of Gjoa Haven, Nunavut, the closest community to the site where Erebus was found. One of the stamps depicts stricken Erebus encased in ice, while the second is a map of the Arctic islands where the expedition met its grisly fate.

The title text and locations on the stamp are written in Inuktut, a tribute to the stories of Inuit eyewitnesses, passed down through oral accounts which helped pinpoint the eventual discovery.

Stamp details:
  • ISSUE DATE: August 6, 2015
  • STAMP DESIGNER: Roy White (Subplot, Vancouver)
  • DIMENSIONS: 191 mm x 113 mm

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  • Mintage While Supplies Last
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