2017 Canada 150 5-Coin Collection
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2017 Canada 150 5-Coin Collection

$19.95 CAD
Mintage: While Supplies Last
Canada and US only

The definitive keepsake of Canada 150! While quantities last, order today!

Everyone will be searching their change for the special 2017 coin designs, but you can bypass the hunt with this must-have souvenir that includes all the coins people will be looking for. No other souvenir is as deeply rooted in this nation’s history—each coin was designed and voted on by Canadians.

Inspire young collectors with this Canada 150 collector card! Order today, while quantities last!

Special Features:
  • THE DEFINITIVE KEEPSAKE OF CANADA 150! Your beautiful 5-coin set includes the five winning designs from the My Canada, My Inspiration contest with the coloured version of the 2017 25¢ and the glow-in-the-dark $2 winning coin designs!
  • DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE-OF-A-KIND SOUVENIR! Your 5-coin set highlights a unique event in Canada in which the public designed and selected its national coinage!
  • A UNIQUE PORTRAIT OF CANADA AT THIS HISTORIC MILESTONE! A wonderful way to express one’s pride in Canada’s 150th that will be cherished by generations to come.
  • CAREFULLY HAND-SELECTED! Every coin has been carefully hand-selected to ensure you get the best samples of their kind—including the colour versions of the 25-cent and $2 coins!

About the coins:
    Gerald Gloade reimagines the quintessential Canadian beaver in the traditional style of the Algonkian, celebrating 150 years of cultures meeting, sharing and evolving together.
  • 10¢ – WINGS OF PEACE:
    Amy Choi captures our spirit of peacekeeping in a stylized design featuring an iconic maple leaf in the beak of a dove.
    Joelle Wong shares a child's hope for Canada's abundant nature to be preserved for years to come. Its playful design features a pair of hands bringing life to a plant that connects all living things — represented by some notable Canadian animals.
    Wesley Klassen pays tribute to the railways that have brought our country together — and the many impressive landmarks along Canada's rail routes.
    Timothy Hsia celebrates the wonders of Canada with an evocative design featuring the Northern Lights — which the Cree peoples called "the dance of the spirits".

While quantities last! Order today before they're all gone!


Only need to buy it once


Purchased for my collection. When it arrived it was rolled up in my mailbox therefore the display card the coins are in is creased and not flat. Was quite disappointed that the packaging it was mailed in allowed it to be rolled and was not labeled with any warning to not fold or roll but to keep flat.


Blenheim Ontario


I would buy these again very nice




Redcliff Alberta


A great keepsake especially for the young kids.


I think it is memorable and a simple reminder of Canada's 150. I gave it to my 5 year old great nephew for Christmas and went back to buy 3 more after Christmas for my godchild's kids (5 and 3) as parents shred the same interest.




Convenient, fast, and satisfactory!


I collect this set for my daughter when it is a special year. It is affordable and memorable.


Calgary, AB


Good Value


Easy to purchase. Reasonable delivery time.


Toronto, Ont.


Canadian memory


I bought two of these sets - 1 for my dad as a gift because he's a coin collector, and one for myself as a reminder of the wonderful train trip across Canada we went on in 2017.


New Mexico


Coins nice- Presentation bad


Presentation card was cheap quality. Bent up bad when received.

Vic 1

Cobourg, Ontario


What could be more Canadian than these beautiful coins!!


I am a Yank but I love things Canadian--what could be more Canadian than your coins.I am taken with the variety of coins available and will definitely buy more coins.As a Yank,I would like to apologize for the problems caused by the current administration in our White House.



Love Canada Mint


Did not ship in time for Xmas because 1/7 items on back order.


Airdrie, AB


good value


Nice Keep sake. Unique glow in the dark northern lights. nice addition to collection.


Milk River Alberta Canada


2017 Canada 150 5-Coin Collection

4.6 1663


Will these coins be in circulation. If yes, when?


Hello and thank you for your question! These coins are all in distribution now in your change, be sure to look for them!

Erica (Product Team)

Will display cards be available anywhere to display collected coins from general circulation? My children love to collect the entire series.


Hello and thank you for your question! We will be making empty collector cards available to the public this year to collect the My Canada, My Inspiration circulation coins. Stay tuned for more information by signing up for our newsletter.

Erica (Product Team)

Does this collection include a display card?

just me

Hello and thank you for your question. The 5 coins in your set are sealed in a display card. You can see the images of the card on the web page for this product. It contains descriptions of the designs. I hope this helps clarify your question.

Erica (Product Team)

Will I have to remove the cellophane wrap in order to open up the booklet?


Thank you for your question, you should be able to open the collector card while keeping the cellophane wrap on the card.

Erica (Product Team)

Starting when (date/month) will these coins be found in circulation? Also, which bank will most likely be carrying them?


Hello and thank you for your question Some coins are starting to circulate now to meet the demands of business and will continue to be released over the coming months. They will be distributed through various financial institutions, but be sure to look for them in your change.

Erica (Product Team)

What type of bird in on the quarter in the My Canada, My Inspiration collection? Is it a hummingbird?


Hello and thank you for your question The bird featured on this design is a child's impression of a Canada Goose.

Erica (Product Team)

Will the $2 Glow in the Dark Coin be found in General Circulation?


Hello and thank you for your question! Yes, there will be both the coloured and un-coloured $2 coins released into general circulation. The $2 coin in general circulation will glow in the dark.

Erica (Product Team)

the odds of it actually glowing in the dark or remaining glow in the dark may vary overtime as the coating may wear off as with many printed ink coins..keep an eye out and save it


When will these coins be released into circulation?


Hello and thank you for your question! General circulation of the coins is planned for Spring 2017.

Erica (Product Team)

Will there be a set of "My Inspiration" coins that are all un-coloured? Thanks.


Hello and thank you for your question! There are no plans to release another set of uncoloured coins however we encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter to learn more about future Canada 150 coins.

Erica (Product Team)

To clarify my previous question, are the colourized $2 and $0.25 coins going to be in circulation, or will the circulation coins be non-colourized?


Hello and thank you for your question! Yes both the coloured and un-coloured 25 cent coin and $2 coins will be released into general circulation. Be sure to collect them quickly before they are all collected!

Erica (Product Team)


  • No.157731

2 dollars

  • Composition three-ply nickel finish plated steel (outer ring); three-ply brass finish plated aluminum bronze (inner core)
  • Finish uncirculated
  • Weight (g) 6.99
  • Diameter (mm) 28
  • Edgeinterrupted serrations
  • ArtistTimothy Hsia (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

1 dollar

  • Composition three-ply brass plated steel
  • Finish uncirculated
  • Weight (g) 6.27
  • Diameter (mm) 26.5
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistWesley Klassen (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

25 cents

  • Composition three-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finish uncirculated
  • Weight (g) 4.4
  • Diameter (mm) 23.88
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistJoelle Wong (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

10 cents

  • Composition three-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finish uncirculated
  • Weight (g) 1.75
  • Diameter (mm) 18.03
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistAmy Choi (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

5 cents

  • Composition three-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finish uncirculated
  • Weight (g) 3.95
  • Diameter (mm) 21.2
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistGerald Gloade (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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