EXCLUSIVE Masters Club Coin Series: COIN #1 – 99.99% Pure Silver Canada Goose

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EXCLUSIVE Masters Club Coin Series: COIN #1 – 99.99% Pure Silver Canada Goose

$99.95 CAD
Mintage: 6,000
Canada and US only

UNIQUE: A scallop-edged fine silver coin! Order today!

Finely crafted in 99.99% pure silver, every element of this coin has been designed with Masters Club in mind. Nearly the entire mintage of 6,000 coins has been reserved for Masters Club members – but only for the first 45 days – so act quickly and order now!

Special features:
  • A FIRST! The first product in a series of EXCLUSIVE coins planned for Masters Club
  • A FIRST! The first product to feature the new Masters Club logo – printed prominently on the box sleeve
  • A FIRST! At just less than an ounce, this 99.99% pure silver coin is the first scalloped shaped coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint which does not feature a Chinese lunar theme
  • 90% of mintage reserved for Masters Club for 45 days only!
  • Beautifully presented in a Royal Canadian Mint branded wooden box made of maple, lined with black flocking and including a removable insert and special certificate compartment
  • This coin includes a serialized certificate
  • Your coin is GST/HST exempt and has a limited mintage of 6,000 worldwide

A symbol of this country's vast wilderness, the iconic Canada goose (Branta canadensis) holds a special place in the hearts of many Canadians as a time-honoured harbinger of seasonal change; for each spring and fall, we are reminded of our enduring connection to nature as eyes instinctively lift up to admire these masters of the skies flying overhead in a distinctive V-formation, as depicted on this special coin.

A breathtaking celebration of Canada's namesake bird, the Canada goose! Order today!

About the Design:

Designed by Canadian artist Tony Bianco, your features a three-quarter profile of Canada geese in mid-flight—a scene that has been lovingly and meticulously recreated through finely detailed engraving. In this rare aerial close-up, the viewer seemingly takes to the skies alongside these majestic birds for their migratory journey. While their wings may not flap in unison, this skein of geese forms an exclusive, tight-knit group; heads and beaks pointed forward, they sport an almost determined expression as they move along the air currents together, each one carried by large wingspans as they collectively make their way towards their destination. An incredible attention to detail captures each goose's characteristics including the contrast between dark and light plumage, and the textural outline of wing and tail feathers that brings an added element of dimension to the overall design. The coin's unique scallop-shaped edging beautifully frames the reverse, which also features the engraved word "CANADA" and the face value "20 DOLLARS".


Beautifully presented in a Royal Canadian Mint branded wooden box, lined with black flocking and including a removable insert and special certificate compartment.

Order your coin today!


Great packaging, coin not as much.


As a RCM gift to some members of the Master's Club I would have expected the coin to have extensive detailing. The lower Goose has no detailing on the breastplate and the background Geese have minimal details on their wings. Even using a magnifier I found it difficult to see the details.

Vancouver Collector

Vancouver, BC


RCM have the WROST Customer Service


The coin is beautiful but not RCM customer service. I have been buying coins with Royal Canadian Mint for almost 5 years now; am a MC member. I ordered most of my coins on-line mainly because I am scared to call them. This is my first review and I normally don't write review but this very bad and RCM really needs to listen and take action. I dealt with many customer service reps with other companies, banks, airlines, etc. and RCM must have the worst customer service reps out there. They're are rude and have no respect for customers, and they don't listen. If, one thing Royal Mint needs to improve on will be their customer service skills. I believe there are lots to RCM customers out there feel the same way when dealing with your reps. I'll try to avoid calling them at all cost.






Keep up the good job I hope 2and coin just as good




I Agree with CrustyCoyote's review.. poor frosted finins


Being the 1st Coin in a series, I would have expected better from the RCM. The subject for this coin was a fantastic choice, however I would have expected a better quality design by Canadian artist Tony Bianco. The detail is lacking and very noticable in the wings of the Geese. The frosting on the coin looks like it was a last minute afterthought as it does not have clean edges where it stops and starts. The packaging is fantastic and this is what the RCM use to use all the time before they switched to cardboard display boxes. (RCM Please switch back).


Ontario, Canada


A very good high quality coin that I am grateful to have


I have this coin on display at home so that I can look at it from time to time

The Collingwood Man



Mixed quality of this offering.


While I like this coin, I would NOT recommend it to most people. I have an attraction to scalloped edge coins, since my first HK $2 coin in early 80's. The reverse artistry of flock of Canada geese in flight is excellent and very realistic. However, the sculpture really failed to make this coin the beautiful and magnificent coin it could have been. The frosted body of two of the primary geese on the reverse are really poorly done, making them look more like blimps than real geese. Striking of obverse is also weak, although the frosting is perfect and rendering of QEII is excellent. Unfortunately, the obverse is actually more attractive than the reverse due to poor work by sculptor. The case very attractive and well made, the construction being almost perfect.


Texas Hill Country


First scallop ... not the last !!


This is my first scallop shape coin and was a little hesitant until I saw it in real life. This is an amazing coin, details are great, finish is exquisite and the packaging (box) is remarkable !! This one is a must and a keeper ! Well done RCM :-)




Very Nice!


High relief, fantastic detail. Very nice storage box.

Alberta Chinook

Medicine Hat, AB


Nice collector piece.




Helena, MT


A unique coin to add to your collection


I love the scallop edge on this coin. I collect the Chinese lunar coins and this is a wonderful addition to my collection. With the mintage of just 6,000 and sold exclusively at first to Masters Club members, this will be sought after once it's sold out. The packaging was the icing on the cake. It is very beautiful and classy...not made of cardboard!


Jax, FL


EXCLUSIVE Masters Club Coin Series: COIN #1 – 99.99% Pure Silver Canada Goose

4.4 16



  • No.147349
  • Mintage6,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 26.51
  • Diameter (mm) 38
  • Edgeplain
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value20 dollars
  • ArtistTony Bianco (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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