Pure Silver Coin – Tiger and Dragon Yin and Yang – Mintage: 6,888 (2016)

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Pure Silver Coin – Tiger and Dragon Yin and Yang – Mintage: 6,888 (2016)

$98.88 CAD
Mintage: 6,888
Canada and US only
2 per household

UNIQUE! A square-holed coin, our second to date! Order today!

A tapestry of ancient Chinese symbolism comes to life on this distinctly Chinese square-holed coin. Used to string coins together, the square hole also represented Earth. Above the square is the yin-yang symbol illustrating the dynamic and harmonious nature of all opposing forces. Here, that universal balance is represented by an epic battle between China's two great astrological figures: the Tiger (yin, earthly, real) and the Dragon (yang, ethereal, magical).

A beautiful, thoughtful gift, and a token of good fortune! Order your coin today!

Special features:
  • A SQUARE-HOLED COIN! Only our second holed coin since 2007, your coin is beautifully designed and engraved using traditional Chinese imagery and motifs on both sides.
  • UNIQUE OBVERSE! On the obverse side of your coin are two elaborately carved phoenixes—fittingly associated with the feminine, the Empress, and the Queen. The phoenixes flank each side of the central square hole, above which is the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The effigy is engraved within a smooth polished circle that is detailed on each side with stylized scrollwork, and this scrollwork is continued in elaborate detail on the bottom half.
  • FEATURES THE AUSPICIOUS NUMBER 8! Your coin prominently features the auspicious number 8—amplifying good luck for the year 2016, itself a multiple of this number of good fortune.
  • WORLDWIDE MINTAGE OF ONLY 6,888! Your coin is GST/HST exempt with a limited mintage worldwide of 6,888! A lucky piece, sure to be sought after!


Designed by Canadian artist Charles Vinh, your coin features the image of a tiger and a dragon locked in battle. At the centre of the coin is a square hole—a traditional motif used in Chinese minting to represent the Earth and the national landmass. Above the hole, the stylized yinyang symbol, created through the use of different finishes, underscores the coin's central theme. This symbol is surrounded by elemental flames. On the left side of the image, the Tiger, its back to the viewer and its face turned in profile to the Dragon on its right, crawls in typical defensive stance amid stylized scrollwork. On the right, the Dragon is presented in profile, facing the Tiger to its left. Its claws are raised and its scale-covered body coils to attack. The obverse design, also by Charles Vinh, features two elaborately carved phoenixes—fittingly associated with the feminine, the Empress, and the Queen. The phoenixes flank each side of the central square hole, above which is the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The effigy is engraved within a smooth polished circle that is detailed on each side with stylized scrollwork. This scrollwork is continued in elaborate detail on the bottom half of the obverse field.

The Dragon has long been a Chinese cultural motif and is found on artefacts dating back thousands of years. This mythical figure was often associated with the highest echelons of human power and became synonymous with the Emperor himself. As a totemic symbol, the Dragon is master of water in the many forms it takes in nature, from oceans, lakes, and rivers to water spouts, waterfalls, and water-based tornadoes. Dragons also held many legendary magical powers—invisibility and flight among them. Because they could fly, dragons were also associated with ascension, which may explain the creature's close affiliation with the role of Emperor.

In direct contrast with the ethereal, elusive magical dragon, the Tiger was a very real and present force for people who dwelled in the massive feline's natural habitat. Courageous, dignified, vastly intelligent and cunning, the Tiger was often depicted as a protector of human life, a figure who would bring strength and bravery to the average person. In this way, the battle between the Tiger and the Dragon may also represent the leavening of imperial power with the needs and will of the people. The Tiger is associated with the yin force, while the Dragon is a yang figure. Together, they represent a balanced whole.

Did you know...
  • Coins featuring central holes are part of an ancient minting tradition. In China, a round hole represents the notion of the Universe, while a square hole symbolizes the land or the Earth. In both China and Japan, people used these holes to string their coins together with twine for safekeeping. The Royal Canadian Mint launched its first coin featuring a hole through the centre in 2007. The 99.99% pure silver coin was themed The Shape of Trade in Ancient China, and quickly sold out. The 2007 coin was the only square-holed coin created by the Mint prior to this Tiger and Dragon Yin and Yang coin.
  • In Chinese culture, numbers carry important symbolic meaning. The number 8 is considered the very luckiest. Part of its reputation lies in wordplay. The word for "8" is ba, and sounds very much like the word for "wealth": fa. Followers of this tradition will go out of their way to bring the number into their lives, through carefully selected dates, addresses, times, official numbers like licenses or safe deposit boxes, and more. To amplify the fortune associated with number eight, multiple eights are popular, such as the mintage for this coin of 6,888.
  • Yin and yang are the two elements of a dualistic worldview at the core of several Chinese philosophical traditions. Yinyang deals with the notion of balance and harmony among opposing forces, elements, tendencies, and characteristics. Though yin and yang are each associated with specific traits (feminine/masculine, hard/soft, heaven/earth) there is no hierarchy between them; rather, their ideal form is presented, such as in the traditional black and white pictogram, as a dynamic harmony.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a standard beauty box.

Order your coin today!


I bought 2 of Them


Love the Coin I bought two and made one into a necklace considering the Gold Version. Also selling this coin custom silver necklace on Kijiji for anyone in the Greater Toronto Area.


Toronto Ontario


I love this coin so much I had to buy 4!


This fabulous coin is a sentimental favorite as it bears both my and my sister's Chinese signs. Even my mother had to buy a couple. My sister and I each wear one as a necklace as well as having the others placed around our homes.

Nuts 4 Coins

Lethbridge, Alberta


ying and yang


A collectors item


Victoria C


Collectible item


I used it as a pendant. It displays well with my other lucky charm pendants. I love it and don't leave without it.


Ontario, Canada


Amazig character


Great size to see the details. It includss my Chinese Zodiac sign and my daughter's Chinese Zodiac sign and my lucky number :) What's more to like!!




Pure Silver Coin – Tiger and Dragon Yin and Yang






I would buy this product again


It's great


Vancouver, B.C.


Unique Yin-Yang coin


I plan to add to my collection


San Diego, CA

A squaire hole and the two rivals balancing a Ming classic


Rare presentation of Yin and Yang done meticulously.


Delta B.C. Canada


Great Coin!


Very Nice Coin, Unique!


Toronto, Canada


Pure Silver Coin – Tiger and Dragon Yin and Yang – Mintage: 6888 (2016)

4.7 38


I just received my coin from a numismatic dealer in London, ON. Because I thought it "looked small", I measured its diameter and it's not 36cm. Rather, it is very close to 35cm. I compared it to a similar-sized coin in my collection, last year's Silver Proof Canadian Flag, which is listed as 36.07cm, but which is just shy of 36cm. The new coin looks as displayed on your website - as far as I can see - and came with all of RCM's packaging and certification. Should I be wary? Or, is "a standard" of some sort?

William Worlde

Hi William, The coin's nominal diameter is 36.07 mm. We emphasize "nominal", as there may be some variance from time to time.

Yudi (Product Team)

What is the thickness of the coin in mm.


Hi Gary, The coin's nominal edge thickness is 2.85 mm.

Yudi (Product Team)

can we order online? it won't let me.


Hi, Although we do not have any more of this coin to sell online, you may be able to find one at any of our authorized coin dealers. Here's the link to our dealer locator page;


Is the square hole punched or cut out of the coin after it is struck with the design or are the planchets "pre-holed" before they are struck?


The blanks are "pre-holed" before they are struck with the design.

Yudi (Product Team)

I presume this coin complements the 2007 (square-hole) coin and not intended as a series? Will there be a third or subsequent issues of another square hole coin in the near future or do we have to wait until another 2025 for the "third" issue of a square-hole coin? I think this is a neat coin concept by the way. Thanks,.


Hi Gaze, We're pleased that you like the Tiger and Dragon Yin and Yang coin. You're right; this coin complements the 2007 square-hole coin and not intended as a series. If it proves to be popular with coin collectors, we will likely follow up with a third coin in 2017. Thank you.

Yudi (Product Team)


  • No.151873
  • Mintage6,888
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 20.86
  • Diameter (mm) 36
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value8 dollars
  • ArtistCharles Vinh (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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