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Innovative offers.
Valuable benefits.
Exclusive rewards.

Offering world-leading excellence in our products is paramount for the Royal Canadian Mint—and so is delivering excellent service to our clients. Designed by and for the Mint's most dedicated clientele, our Masters Club program delivers features and benefits providing recognition and rewards that offer innovation, value, and exclusivity.

Sharing Our Love of Coins All Year Long

With the Masters Club program, the Mint continually brings you exciting news and products throughout the year. Each month, we send you advance notice of new products by email so you can see and order them before general public launch. Several times a year, we'll let you know about stunning coins designed with Masters Club members in mind. You're invited to members-only events where you can meet talented industry artists, engravers, and other professionals. And that's just the beginning. There's also a Masters Club e-newsletter, live Web events, and more. Each membership level—SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM—offers a carefully designed portfolio of features and benefits.

  • Masters Club SILVER
  • Masters Club GOLD
  • Masters Club PLATINUM

Each membership level—Silver, Gold or Platinum—offers a carefully designed portfolio of features and benefits.

Masters Club
Member Benefits
in purchases
with RCM
in purchases
with RCM
in purchases
with RCM
Advance notice and
advance ordering
Find out about our monthly new coin releases before general public launch day. Your Masters Club membership entitles you to receive advance e-mails in the days leading up to our official monthly launches. You can view and order new coins before they're made available to the public.
2 days 3 days 4 days
Masters Club Rewards
Among the new benefits we are introducing this year, Masters Club Rewards is surely one of the most exciting.With Masters Club Rewards, you earn a percentage back on every RCM Product purchase you make. After the close of the Program Year, you will receive a Masters Club Rewards redemption code***, redeemable for Eligible RCM Products**. Available to Masters Club PLATINUM level and higher.*
Access to low Certificate of Authenticity numbers
By popular demand, the RCM is setting aside the lowest serialized certificate numbers for select coins and making them available for purchase only by members of the Masters Club. These low serialized numbers will be extremely limited, so collectors will have to act quickly to acquire them. The numbers set aside will depend on the mintage of each coin. We’ll keep you informed about these unique opportunities throughout the year by e-mail, on our Web site, and through our monthly catalogues.
Masters Club Events
You'll be invited to attend exclusive events in select Canadian cities, where you'll meet the artists and engravers, learn about coins, preview and purchase new releases, and even buy coins you may have missed. (Masters Club events are scheduled in addition to Royal Canadian Mint events like coin exchanges and coin unveilings.) Certain conditions may apply.
Free access to
Mint tours
You'll gain free access to Mint tours for yourself and up to three guests. Drop by our Ottawa or Winnipeg facilities and learn about the minting process, from design to striking of the coins.
Free shipping
Whether you're ordering one coin or many, you'll never have to worry about shipping costs. As a Masters Club member, you'll always benefit from free ground shipping within Canada and within the US.
Masters Club
We know you like to keep up with all the latest news and developments, so you'll want to take advantage of our monthly members-only e-newsletter, packed with informative content about coins as well as details on upcoming coin releases.
and draws
Throughout the Program Year, you'll receive emails about the chance to participate in exclusive contests and draws. You could win an exciting shopping spree at; merchandise or other opportunities! So follow the email directions to enter – it might just be your lucky day!
Exclusive access
to select coins
One of the exciting new features of the Masters Club is our commitment to designing and producing four low mintage coins each Program Year that are made with Masters Club members in mind. With each release, you'll get an exclusive 45-day period in which to purchase the coins. At least 90% of the mintage for each coin will be reserved for Masters Club members.

We want to surprise you, so the coin designs will only be revealed when they launch.

* Eligibility for these benefits is contingent upon customers having met the minimum spend requirement for their tier by June 30 of a given Program Year.
** Eligible RCM Products means any products the RCM is offering for sale, with the exception of any and all regular circulation coin rolls, such as any roll of five cent coins, ten cent coins, and/or twenty-five cent coins as well as any roll of one dollar coins and/or two dollar coins; any "Face Value" coins (for example: coins sold as $20 for $20, $50 for $50, $100 for $100, etc.) or any commemorative circulation coin products.
*** Masters Club Rewards are earned on all RCM Products. Redemption codes will be provided within 12 weeks of the end of the Program Year. Redemption codes can be applied towards any Eligible RCM Products offered for sale, subject to product availability.

How it Works

The Masters Club Program Year runs from July 1 to June 30 and membership is evaluated annually. Every qualifying purchase you make, beginning July 1, counts toward your membership level for the next Program Year.

Have a question about the program?

Our FAQs should help you find what you need to know, but if you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us.

If you're interested in the details, Terms and Conditions have all the fine points on Masters Club.


Masters Club
Member Benefits

Masters Club
Member Benefits

Masters Club
Member Benefits