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Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account

Storing Precious Metals

Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account

The Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account (RCMPA) program is an easy, convenient and safe way to hold unallocated precious metals within the Royal Canadian Mint's high security facility in Ottawa, Canada. The RCMPA program allows customers to buy high purity precious metals from authorized RCMPA Dealers who have unallocated precious metal pool accounts at the Mint.

Please note that the RCMPA program is still in its pilot stage and, as a result, participation in the program is currently limited to existing RCMPA customers only.

Should you wish to be alerted when the RCMPA program is officially launched, you are invited to join an e-mail alert service through our authorized RCMPA Dealer's website ( Once registered for this alert service, a Kitco Metals Inc. Customer Service Representative will contact you via e-mail as soon as the RCMPA program is made available to new customers. We will gladly consider your application at that time."

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