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Your toonie and your loonie have evolved

The New $2 Coin

Like the new one-dollar circulation coins, Canada's new two-dollar circulation coins are manufactured using the Mint's Multi-Ply Plated Steel technology.

The New $2 CoinWhile the new two-dollar coin maintains the traditional "Polar Bear" design, there are three visible changes:

  • The addition of two laser marks of maple leaves, each within a circle, at the bottom of the coin's reverse – i.e. on the side with the Polar Bear design.
  • A virtual image of two maple leaves will appear at the top of the coin – a different image is produced as the coin is turned from side to side. The virtual image is produced by engraving different patterns on each side of two-sided grooves on the face of the coin.
  • Edge-lettering of the words "CANADA" and "2 DOLLARS" are engraved along the coin's outer edge.
  • Specifications:
    Diameter: 28mm
    Edge Height: 1.75mm
    Weight: 6.92g
    Outer Ring –Multi-ply nickel plated steel
    Insert –Multi-ply brass plated aluminum bronze