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Jobs Available

  • Senior Controller, Precious Metal
    Posted: 09/23/14

    Reporting to the Senior Director of Finance, the Senior Controller of precious metal is accountable for the provision and management of the metallurgical accounting and reconciliation processes that are required to support the ongoing operations of the section, which serve the corporate needs of the section.

  • Accountant (12 Month Term) - Administration And Finance
    Posted: 09/17/14

    Under the supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, perform general accounting functions for the company, including fixed assets accounting, financial statement preparation and analysis, budgeting, forecasting account reconciliation and analysis, and system design development and modifications. 

  • Senior Manager, Strategic Planning and Supply Chain Management
    Posted: 09/17/14

    Reporting to the Director, Ottawa Production Planning, NPI and Materials Management, this position is responsible for the end-to-end product supply chain capabilities in alignment with cost, on-time delivery, customer quality/reliability and other key company deliverables.

  • Coordinator, R&D
    Posted: 08/13/14

    Reporting to the Director, Development & Applied Technology and supporting the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the Coordinator, R&D is responsible for providing technical guidance, project management assistance, and analytical / administrative support to the R&D division.

  • Chairperson
    Posted: 08/08/14

    The ideal candidate would possess experience serving as a member of a board of directors of a large public and/or private organization, preferably as chairperson, as well as experience managing human and financial resources at the senior executive level.

  • Chief Security Officer
    Posted: 08/07/14

    Reporting to the Vice-President, Human Resources and Quality Systems, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) is responsible for the organization's entire security posture, both physical and non-physical. More specifically the CSO is accountable for developing and implementing physical and non physical security and internal control processes, including those designed to deter, detect, investigate and report on possible acts of fraud.

  • Vice-President, Finance and Administration & CFO
    Posted: 08/05/14

    Reporting to the President & CEO, the Vice President, Finance and Administration & CFO directs a wide variety of accounting and control, financial, information technology, administration, treasury management, insurance and risk management, corporate purchasing, financial and economic analysis for current and new business opportunities.

  • Maintenance Planner, Technical Services
    Posted: 06/25/14

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Technical Services, the Maintenance Planner is responsible for facilitating communication and execution between the production and maintenance for all maintenance-related activities, ensuring the execution of the work is possible due to availability of material, manpower and equipment.

  • Process Engineer
    Posted: 06/19/14

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Engineering, the employee will be responsible for providing technical support to the Ottawa manufacturing facility.

  • Analyst, Systems Security
    Posted: 06/18/14

    Reporting to the Network Security Architect, the Analyst, Systems Security is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring and operations of security-related components of the RCM network infrastructure.

  • INVENTORY: Casual Protective Services Officer
    Posted: 06/17/14

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, in a teamwork type of operation, protect life, property and assets of the Royal Canadian Mint; conduct preventive patrols; provide threat and risk analysis; control and monitor access of pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows within the Mint premises; enforce security policy and regulations; respond to emergency situations, including fire and medical emergencies in accordance to established and recognised emerg

  • Inventory: Helper - Packaging and Shipping (temporary positions)
    Posted: 06/17/14

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, performs material handling duties, picking and packing of orders in shipping using scanners.

  • Advisor - Labour Relations and Wellness
    Posted: 05/30/14

    Reporting to the Manager, Labour and Employee Relations, the incumbent advises and supports management staff on issues related to labour relations, particularly in the handling of grievances, the interpretation and application of the collective agreement, performance management, absenteeism management, return to work/accommodation and internal policies.

  • CNC Programmer, Engraving & Die Production
    Posted: 02/28/14

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), the CNC Programmer, Engraving and Die Production possesses specialized knowledge of CNC machinery in order to perform the tooling fabrication in Engraving and Die Production.