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Jobs Available

  • Advisor, Human Resources & Labour Relations
    Posted: 09/02/14

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Human Resources, the incumbent advises and supports management staff on issues related to labour relations, particularly in the handling of grievances, the interpretation and application of the collective agreement, performance management, absenteeism management return to work/accommodation and internal policies.

  • Protective Services Officer (Casual)
    Posted: 07/31/14

    Casual Protective Services Officers are used to supplement regular staffing and accommodate surge requirements.

  • Research Engineer, Applied Research (2 positions)
    Posted: 06/17/14

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Applied Research, the Research Engineer, Applied Research is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing research projects to bring innovative processes and technologies to minting.

  • Manager, Technical Services
    Posted: 04/02/14

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Technical Services, the Manager, Technical Services is responsible for the supervision and day to day management of a team of skilled trades people and Technical Services department support staff.