Six String Nation Guitar

The Story

New triangular coin is a hot "pick"!

Shaped like a guitar pick and honouring the Six String Nation Guitar, this is just a hint of the story behind the Royal Canadian Mint's new triangular coin.

A national story-telling symbol unfolds...

The Six String Nation Guitar is the brainchild of Canadian broadcaster Jowi Taylor and his vision to create a national story-telling symbol. As an acoustic masterpiece, this instrument of unity evolved to contain 64 pieces of Canadiana treasures including a piece of Bluenose II's deck, gold from Maurice Richard's Stanley Cup ring and some of the oldest rock on the planet from Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. See and hear Jowi Taylor tell the story behind the Six String Nation Guitar and Coin...

On July 1, 2006, the guitar made its grand debut on Parliament Hill and since then, it has been played by several of Canada's top musicians. Now, a few years later, the Mint has worked closely with Jowi Taylor to create the historic Six String Nation Guitar coin. Given its interesting shape, theme and selective hologram featuring six vibrating strings, this 2009 50-cent coin is already proving to be a hot spring "pick" for coin collectors and music lovers alike. Mintage is limited to 30,000 worldwide. Get yours today!

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