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The Royal Canadian Mint has a long history in the refining business, beginning in 1911 when our refinery was first opened.  Since then, we have become a World Class gold and silver refinery, with our products recognized by the world’s major precious metal exchanges, such as London (since 1919), New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. The wide network of financial institutions and bullion dealers trading material at the Mint means that your precious metals remain highly liquid and easily tradable.

The rigor of our production standards is equaled by the stringency of our security protocols, which are implemented at every level of refinery operations. The refinery is a restricted environment monitored by highly professional security personnel who are supported by state-of-the-art surveillance technology.

RefineryWe offer a wide-variety of outturn products, from small wafers to large exchange bars. Our top-tier assay laboratory offers customers sound results that can always be trusted. Transportation for material from your site to our refinery is made easy with our strong network of transportation providers.

For more information regarding our refinery services, please feel free to contact us at