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Why store with the Royal Canadian Mint?

Why store with the Royal Canadian Mint?


Owned by the Government of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint provides secure storage for major investment funds, world-class financial institutions, high net worth individuals and family offices through our secure vaults at the Mint's facilities in Ottawa and Winnipeg. Additionally, through a network of storage partners around the world, we offer the ability to store your material in a highly secure location that works for you, with only one contract. Our strong relationship with global leaders in the secure transportation industry allows us to facilitate the movement of your materials into and between any of our secure facilities. With industry leading guarantees against loss, damage or destruction of materials, metal stored with the Royal Canadian Mint is always protected.

As a precious metals refiner and producer of the world's best selling gold investment coin, there is always access to leading product to expand your holdings and should you wish to sell your holdings, our wide network of financial institutions and bullion dealers provide multiple options to do this. Through maintaining your product at a secure facility and within the chain of custody, your eventual sale becomes even easier.

Should you wish to obtain more information regarding the storage services available with the Royal Canadian Mint, please contact us at