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Jobs Available

  • Advisor , Quoting & Logistics (14-month term)
    Posted: 03/10/15

    Reporting to the Manager, Quoting & Logistics, the Advisor, Quoting & Logistics is responsible for the overall administration of the quoting process from receipt of invitation to tender to preparation of the cost, working in harmony with each department including Procurement, Production, Engineering, Engraving, Legal, and Treasury.

  • Manager, Mint Office
    Posted: 03/09/15

    The Manager, Mint Office plays a key role as a customer service provider for the Refinery and as the liaison between Refinery customers and Operations.

  • Executive Assistant, Office of the President & CEO
    Posted: 03/06/15

    Reporting to the President and CEO, the Executive Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support for the CEO in assisting with her responsibilities, objectives and priorities.

  • Analyst, Operations (10-month term)
    Posted: 02/26/15

    Reporting to the Director, Strategy Management and Planning, Operations, the Analyst, Operations will provide broad-based business analysis in support of strategy formulation and operational planning.

  • Engraver
    Posted: 02/09/15

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), prepares artwork, designs, sculpts, polishes and hand-engraves tool steel to create coining tooling.

  • Analyst, Systems Security
    Posted: 02/04/15

    Reporting to the Network Security Architect, the Analyst, Systems Security is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring and operations of security-related components of the RCM network infrastructure.

  • Graphic Designer, Corporate Brand and Marketing Services
    Posted: 01/28/15

    Reporting to the Manager, Branding and Advertising, the Graphic Designer is responsible for the graphic design and production of marketing campaigns in support of the Royal Canadian Mint objectives.

  • INVENTORY: Casual Protective Services Officer
    Posted: 06/17/14

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, in a teamwork type of operation, protect life, property and assets of the Royal Canadian Mint; conduct preventive patrols; provide threat and risk analysis; control and monitor access of pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows within the Mint premises; enforce security policy and regulations; respond to emergency situations, including fire and medical emergencies in accordance to established and recognised emerg

  • Inventory: Helper - Packaging and Shipping (temporary positions)
    Posted: 06/17/14

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, performs material handling duties, picking and packing of orders in shipping using scanners.

  • Advisor - Labour Relations and Wellness
    Posted: 05/30/14

    Reporting to the Manager, Labour and Employee Relations, the incumbent advises and supports management staff on issues related to labour relations, particularly in the handling of grievances, the interpretation and application of the collective agreement, performance management, absenteeism management, return to work/accommodation and internal policies.