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Medals, medallions & tokens from the Royal Canadian Mint

Since 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint's circulation and numismatic coins have earned a reputation for quality, craftsmanship and innovation. But did you know our award-winning team of engravers, engineers and craftspeople have also been manufacturing highly regarded medals, medallions and tokens since the early 1930's? With a diverse medals, medallions and tokens portfolio featuring projects with the Department of National Defence, Coca-Cola and many more, we work with our clients to recognize a wide array of achievements and conduct that have made significant impacts on organizations, our country and often the world.


  • Medals are typically given to the individuals for awards & recognition (i.e. exemplary service), decoration (i.e. bravery) and outstanding achievements (i.e. Vancouver 2010)
  • Medals do not circulate and are generally found in near-mint condition
  • The actual value of a medal will depend entirely on what it is, what country issued it, overall condition, etc.
  • Medals usually have a "story" that makes them even more meaningful and significant
  • Medals are a popular exonumia collectible because of their historic and monetary value
  • The Royal Canadian Mint has been crafting the highest quality medals for over 80 years


  • Medallions are typically issued for artistic, commemorative or marketing purposes (i.e. in-pack/in-case promotions, special events and gifts/souvenirs)
  • Medallions have no face value and they are not exchanged for goods or service
  • Tokens are typically issued and exchanged as a form of payment for use in theme parks, casinos, retail stores, municipalities, etc.)
  • Tokens, such as trade dollars, are circulated as money and traded for their respective face values, generally in a specific region, store, etc.
  • Medallions and tokens are other forms of exonumia and collected by exonumists
  • The Royal Canadian Mint has been manufacturing medallions and tokens since the early 1930's
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