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Medallions and Tokens from the Royal Canadian Mint

Medallions are typically issued for artistic, commemorative or souvenir purposes, not for commerce. On the other hand, tokens are for commerce and traded for their respective face values. Like medals, medallions and tokens are part of the exonumia (of coin-like appearance) subcategory of numismatics.

From trade dollars (for municipalities, theme parks, and casinos) to marketing promotions (in-pack/in-case promotions) to special events and gifts, the Royal Canadian Mint crafts medallions and tokens for a wide range of clients and occasions.



Quick Facts

  • Medallions are generally struck in non-precious metal – cupro-nickel, multi-ply, etc.
  • Volumes are a minimum of 10,000 per order
  • Standard sizes are 25mm, 30mm and 35mm
  • Alloy choices include: copper, brass and nickel RCM-plated steel technology (representing gold, silver and bronze colours)
  • Packaging is bulk or custom (special requests will be considered)
  • Finishes include: brilliant uncirculated or silk


  • Thompson Medallion
  • Almonte, ON Medallion
  • Canadian Tire
  • Coca-Cola