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Jobs Available

  • Coordinator, Corporate Branding & Marketing Services (15 month-term)
    Posted: 01/08/15

    Reporting to the Branding and Advertising Manager, the Coordinator, Corporate Branding & Marketing Services participates in the planning development of marketing products, mass advertising campaigns and branding material.

  • Analyst, Product Development (2 positions)
    Posted: 01/07/15

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Product Development, the Analyst, Product Development is responsible for the research, development, execution, delivery, and demand creation of profitable Royal Canadian Mint and Foreign coin product.

  • Systems Analyst, Information Technology
    Posted: 01/07/15

    Under the direction and within the policies of the Royal Canadian Mint, interfaces and interacts with clients to analyze, interpret and understand their requirements.

  • Buyer (12 Month-Term) - Production Planning
    Posted: 01/06/15

    Under the general supervision of the Manager, Packaging Purchasing, the Buyer works closely with the Production Planning Team to establish, coordinate and administer long-term purchase contracts within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM).

  • Senior Analyst, Planning Systems
    Posted: 01/06/15

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Strategic Planning and Analysis, the Senior Analyst, Planning Systems is responsible for assisting in building the strategic-management capacity and enhancing the performance management capabilities of the organization principally through financial and economic analytical support to the business lines, development of on-going forecasts and supporting the financial component of the annual Corporate Planning process.

  • Manager, Refinery Services
    Posted: 01/06/15

    Reporting to the Director, Refinery Services, the Manager, Refinery Services is responsible for leading the refining operations and achieve the aggressive manufacturing objectives of an ever-growing business, while maintaining excellence in both health and safety and quality.

  • Coordinator, Marketing Campaigns (15 Month Term)
    Posted: 12/10/14

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Campaign Management & Planning, the Coordinator, Marketing Campaigns is responsible for supporting and coordinating various activities and deliverables in the development and delivery of marketing campaigns and programs for the Royal Canadian Mint.

  • Manager, Settlement Desk
    Posted: 12/02/14

    The Manager, Settlement Desk plays a key role as a customer service provider for the Refinery and as the liaison between Refinery customers and Operations.

  • Senior Engineer, Consulting Services (2 positions)
    Posted: 11/25/14

    Reporting to the Director, Engineering and Technical Services, the Senior Engineer, Consulting Services will be responsible for providing Engineering and Technical Consulting Services to RCM clients, suppliers and technical support to the Ottawa manufacturing facility.

  • Program Manager, Emergency Preparedness (2 year-term)
    Posted: 10/17/14

    Reporting to the Director, Corporate Health, Safety & Environment, the Program Manager, Emergency Preparedness is responsible for elaborating the RCM's Emergency Preparedness Program (EPP) so that the organization can ensure that life safety and other assets are adequately protected.

  • Analyst, Marketing Database - Customer Intelligence, Customer Marketing
    Posted: 10/17/14

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Customer Intelligence, the Analyst, Marketing Database will play an important role in helping the RCM to improve: its understanding of customer needs, measuring marketing campaign effectiveness, forecasting for customer conversion/retention and related revenues, and to explore for new customer segments through in-depth data analysis and reporting

  • Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
    Posted: 10/15/14

    Reporting to the Senior Director, Human Resources, the Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to the Senior Director and coordinates an extensive range of administrative tasks for the Human Resources Section.

  • INVENTORY: Casual Protective Services Officer
    Posted: 06/17/14

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, in a teamwork type of operation, protect life, property and assets of the Royal Canadian Mint; conduct preventive patrols; provide threat and risk analysis; control and monitor access of pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows within the Mint premises; enforce security policy and regulations; respond to emergency situations, including fire and medical emergencies in accordance to established and recognised emerg

  • Inventory: Helper - Packaging and Shipping (temporary positions)
    Posted: 06/17/14

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, performs material handling duties, picking and packing of orders in shipping using scanners.

  • Advisor - Labour Relations and Wellness
    Posted: 05/30/14

    Reporting to the Manager, Labour and Employee Relations, the incumbent advises and supports management staff on issues related to labour relations, particularly in the handling of grievances, the interpretation and application of the collective agreement, performance management, absenteeism management, return to work/accommodation and internal policies.