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Jobs Available

  • Administrative Assistant, CIO & Finance
    Posted: 11/20/15

    Reporting to the Interim Chief Information Officer, the Administrative Assistant, CIO & Finance is task-focused, delivering operational support within a work unit.

  • Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
    Posted: 11/09/15

    Reporting to the Senior Director, Human Resources, the Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to the Senior Director and coordinates an extensive range of administrative tasks for the Human Resources Section.

  • Sales Coordinator, Numismatics
    Posted: 11/09/15

    Reporting to the Sales Manager, CPC & Retail, the Sales Coordinator, Numismatics is responsible for coordinating the processing of RCM's B2B orders.

  • Senior Analyst, Operations (2 Positions)
    Posted: 11/09/15

    Reporting to the Director, Strategy Management and Planning, Operations, the Senior Analyst, Operations will provide broad-based business analysis in support of strategy formulation and operational planning.

  • Analyst, Systems Security
    Posted: 08/27/15

    Reporting to the Network Security Architect, the Analyst, Systems Security is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring and operations of security-related components of the RCM network infrastructure.

  • Manager, Direct Marketing, Numismatics
    Posted: 05/15/15

    Reporting to the Senior Manager, Customer Marketing, Numismatics, the incumbent is responsible for developing and executing direct marketing programs to support the acquisition and retention of direct channel Numismatic customers.

  • INVENTORY: Casual Protective Services Officer

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, in a teamwork type of operation, protect life, property and assets of the Royal Canadian Mint; conduct preventive patrols; provide threat and risk analysis; control and monitor access of pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows within the Mint premises; enforce security policy and regulations; respond to emergency situations, including fire and medical emergencies in accordance to established and recognised emerg

  • Inventory: Helper - Packaging and Shipping (temporary positions)

    Under supervision and within the policies and procedures of the Royal Canadian Mint, performs material handling duties, picking and packing of orders in shipping using scanners.