Caring for your collection
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Caring for your collection

Caring for your collection

A well-displayed coin collection is an impressive sight. Encased in sleeves or slabs, presented in a handsome album or arrayed in felt-lined drawers, fine coins are as thrilling to behold as precious jewels. Caring for coins is not just a question of esthetics: your collection requires proper handling and storage.

Keep in mind that a coin may lose value if it is not handled carefully. Skin oils and dirt can damage the finish of a coin over time. To pick up a coin, take it by the edges (ideally wearing cotton gloves) and hold it over a cloth or pad to protect it should it fall.

When coins are exposed to air the metal can oxidize and change colour. Although a shiny finish might seem better, experienced collectors prefer a coin's original appearance. As a rule, avoid cleaning your coins. Even wiping coins with a soft cloth may damage their finish and drastically reduce their value.

Storing your coins

Your coin collection should be stored and displayed with care:

  • Non-precious metal or lower-value items may be kept in acid-free paper sleeves or envelopes
  • Folders and albums are fine for many types of sets and series, but are unsuitable for valuable coins
  • Small, PVC-free plastic bags are acceptable for storage
  • Tubes are convenient for storing circulated and same-size coins, but not valuable collector coins
  • Hard plastic is a good option for relatively valuable individual coins
  • Slabs (sealed hard plastic cases) are more expensive and are reserved for more valuable coins

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