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Collecting Coins

A pastime, a pursuit, a passion!

Coins are intrinsically interesting, aren't they? But becoming a collector means going one step further - it means looking at a coin and seeing more than 'just money'.

Coins have meaning. Beyond the gold, beyond the silver, that's what gives them value. People preserve coins as keepsakes, memorials, even talismans, such as the 'lucky' quarter tucked away in a drawer or the silver dollar minted in a birth year. To a collector, a coin can be precious for many reasons: as a piece of history, as an expression of a culture, as a work of art. And every Canadian coin has a singular story to tell.

For passionate collectors, the Mint produces some of the world's most stunning commemorative coins, treasured for their rarity, historic significance and craftsmanship. Canadian coins celebrate our nation's culture and milestones, its natural splendour, the technological and athletic achievements that make us proud.

Canadian collector coins are struck meticulously, one by one in Ottawa at the Royal Canadian Mint's original home, crafted from initial designs by Canadian artists. Many Canadian coins have been honoured with international recognition and awards.

We believe that collecting coins can fill a lifetime with interest and inspiration. What begins as a pastime can easily become an absorbing pursuit - indeed, a passion.

Uncirculated Set (2015)
Uncirculated Set (2015)

$24.95 CAD
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No. 133254
Specimen Set - Blue Jay (2015)
Specimen Set – Blue Jay (2015)

$49.95 CAD
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No. 133241
99.99% Pure Silver Proof Set With Colour ? 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag (2015)
99.99% Pure Silver Proof Set With Colour – 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Flag (2015)

$229.95 CAD
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No. 133233