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Fractional Set LPO
Pure Gold Fractional Set - Maple Leaf (2014)

Since 1908, the world's most rare, pure gold numismatic products have made the Royal Canadian Mint a destination for those seeking the best! Discover timeless design and craftsmanship with the Mint's pure Gold Sugar Maple Leaf Fractional Set:

  • Your fractional set is a truly distinguished numismatic piece born from a unique combination of precious metal, timeless design, craftsmanship, artistry and state-of-art technology
  • First ever incused fractional set: the image is struck down into the metal rather than on creative relief of the coin, further enhancing the meticulously rendered surface  of each coin
  • The extremely low mintage (only 600 sets worldwide) makes this set an exclusive collectors' item
  • The Royal Canadian Mint's uncompromised, world - renowned 99.99% purity standard brings exclusivity and prestige to your set
  • The Royal Canadian Mint's passion for perfection to each detail leaves you with a rare, numismatic set that encapsulates authentic design, exquisite engraving, meticulous sophistication and  craftsmanship
  • Each of your four pure gold, sugar maple leaf-themed coins is the result of unique heritage and tradition of excellence since 1908
  • The leaf on each coin in this rare set is delicately polished with a brilliant finish against the matte field to maximize brilliance and bold design

Discover timeless design beautifully preserved in pure gold
Only from the Royal Canadian Mint!

  • Artistic craftsmanship meticulously rendered in 99.99% pure gold
  • Rare and exclusive: only 600 sets worldwide
  • Authenticity par excellence since 1908

Call one of our ambassadors at 1-866-440-2173 or click here to order yours today!

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