Look for them in your change!

Celebrate our living Canadian legends with these limited-edition wildlife quarters. This 12-pack includes two coloured and two non-coloured versions of each of the 25-cent coins: Wood Bison, Orca Whale and Peregrine Falcon.

The three circulation coins will be launched into circulation starting with the Wood Bison in January, the Orca in February and the Peregrine Falcon in March.

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An icon of the west that became a symbol of survival
Dwindling to numbers as low as 200, the mighty Wood Bison was almost gone forever. But with the help of Canadians across the country, they now number in the thousands and growing every day.

Five tonnes travelling up to 55km/h. Yet the biggest impact was on our culture
Once thought to be the supreme ruler of the sea, the Orca Whale is a fabled part of our Canadian culture. From tales shared over generations, to awe-inspiring Aboriginal statues, paintings and woodcarvings, the Orca's formidable size is only overshadowed by its cultural significance.

The fastest animal on earth may live in your neighbourhood
Diving at speeds up to 325 km/h, no other animal moves as fast as the Peregrine Falcon. But its room to roam was quickly shrinking. So we brought this majestic bird into our cities and urban centers, giving the Peregrine space to spread its wings. Now it ventures out during the day and nests in the city at night.

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