Get your 100th Grey Cup® $1 coin

Get your 100th Grey Cup® $1 coin

1 - Pick one up at participating Canada Post locations
2 - At a Mint Grey Cup® event
3 - Look for it in your change

The last 99 Grey Cups all started with a coin toss. The 100th won't be any different.

This year marks the 100th playing of the Grey Cup. It's East versus West. It's 12 dedicated players versus 12 dedicated players. It's 110 grueling yards and it's played in weather that would keep even the most hardened outdoorsmen inside. From Gizmo's 1987 field goal return to Calvillo's 99-yard pass – the Grey Cup has seen it all.

Get your 100th Grey Cup $1 coin at participating Canada Post locations, at a Mint Grey Cup event, or look for it in your change.

Please note: the 100th Grey Cup $1 coin is not available online or by phone.

® Registered trade-mark of the Canadian Football League.