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$2 Circulation 5-Pack - War of 1812: HMS Shannon (2012)

Canada only
3 per household
Approx. $8.29 USD
$10.00 CAD

Look for them in your change!

The War of 1812 was a fundamental turning point in Canada’s history, a struggle from which some of Canada’s earliest unifying moments emerged. These stories - including that of the Leda-class frigate, HMS Shannon - have become important chapters in the narrative of Canada.

An ideal gift for someone you know interested in Canadian naval history!

Special features:
• While supplies last! Purchase limit of 3 per customer!
• You receive five commemorative $2 coins for $10!
• In an original design, the image covers the entire coin.
• First commemorative coin to incorporate the Mint’s new security features.
• Includes Government of Canada’s 1812 logo.
• Depicts HMS Shannon’s figurehead.

• Your coin features Canadian artist Bonnie Ross’ depiction of HMS Shannon - rendered in elaborate detail - leaving the Halifax harbor during the War of 1812. Also includes the text “The War of 1812/La guerre de 1812” and “HMS Shannon.”

Created to commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812, this unique coin is part of a larger collection celebrating the heroes and events of the War of 1812 - a formative event in Canadian history.

Order yours today!

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No. 119329
Composition Outer Ring – Multi-ply nickel plated steel: Insert – Multi-ply brass plated aluminum bronze
Finish circulation
Weight (g) 6.92
Diameter (mm) 28
Edge interrupted serrations
Face value 2 dollar
Artist Bonnie Ross (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)