5 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Polar Bear Soapstone Sculpture - Mintage: 1,300 (2018)

5 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Polar Bear Soapstone Sculpture - Mintage: 1,300 (2018)

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5 oz. Pure Silver Coin - Polar Bear Soapstone Sculpture - Mintage: 1,300 (2018)

$549.95 CAD

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Mintage: 1,300
Canada and US only
98% SOLD!

UNIQUE! Each polar bear hand-carved from soapstone! Order today!

In a landscape carved by ice and wind, the polar bear remains the unchallenged titan of the North. To those who have long inhabited the region, nanuq represents more than survival—it is a powerful cultural figure steeped in tradition. Legends and art speak of the polar bear's might and wisdom as a link between spiritual and natural worlds, while its unmistakable profile lends itself beautifully to sculptured works of art that capture the true essence of life on and around the Arctic ice.

A gorgeous coin you will admire again and again! Order today!

Special features:
  • TRADITIONAL SOAPSTONE SCULPTURE! Introducing an unforgettable coin that pairs a traditional soapstone sculpture with contemporary coin-making techniques!
  • HAND-CARVED BY CANADIAN ARTIST DAVE ZACHARY! Rising up on the coin, each polar bear sculpture is carefully hand-carved from Canadian soapstone by Canadian artist Dave Zachary and his team of sculptors, making each coin unique as each polar bear is not quite identical.
  • TRANSLUCENT COLOUR ENAMEL! Engraving recreates the rough edges of the ice on your coin, while translucent colour enamel adds a deep blue hue to the Arctic waters.
  • WIDE COIN DIAMETER! With a 65.25 mm diameter, the coin's surface provides a large base for the soapstone sculpture, while proof-quality 99.99% pure silver mimics the light-reflective nature of the Arctic landscape!
  • SAFELY PROTECTED! A dome-like capsule keeps your coin safely protected from the elements.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE! The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins.
  • 5 OZ. 99.99% PURE SILVER COIN! Your coin is GST/HST exempt!
  • LIMITED MINTAGE: Only 1,300 coins will be made worldwide!


The natural beauty of Northern Canada shines bright on your coin, thanks to a harmonious mix of finishing techniques and a polar bear soapstone sculpture that makes each coin unique. As it does for Arctic marine life, ice floe provides the foundation for this design: engraving provides a life-like textural effect, while a special frosting gives the snow-covered ice a more matte-like appearance. The surrounding water is a sparkling shade of blue, thanks to the application of translucent enamel over the proof finish. But the focal point is undeniably the sculptured piece that rises up from the ice floe: each polar bear sculpture has been hand-carved from Canadian soapstone by Canadian artist Dave Zachary and his team of sculptors. With its gaze fixed on what lies ahead, the polar bear cuts a formidable figure in this Arctic landscape, where it is regarded as an icon of strength and endurance.

Did you know…
  • The polar bear is uniquely adapted for life at the top of the world, with thick white fur that provides both protection and camouflage. More than half of the world's polar bear population can be found in areas along Canada's northern coastline—from James Bay up to the Arctic Archipelago, and from the Yukon's coastline to that of Newfoundland and Labrador. This immense bear spends most of its life on the sea ice that is vital to the Arctic marine environment; but as its scientific name implies, Ursus maritimus is a natural swimmer, and won't shy away from plunging into the water to get from one icy platform to another.
  • Soapstone is a softer grade of rock that can have a greasy, soap-like feel to the touch—hence its name.
  • A metamorphic rock, it is largely composed of talc mixed with other minerals that cause variations in hues and markings, including pyrite crystals that can add flecks of gold!
  • The first Canadian production of soapstone was in 1871, in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Today, it is found in many provinces, and in some localities throughout the North.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded wooden circular base with a black beauty box.

Order your coin today!


carving of only barely medium quality


Carving not to the quality I would expect from mint.


thunder bay ont canada


This is a beautiful coin


The coin is beautifully crafted. It is definitely a piece of art.


Regina, Saskatchewan


Extremely pleased with this coin/art


Beautiful piece.

Island Collector



Excellent gift for someone interested in polar bears


Appreciation of the work that went into the product.

I have none

Toronto, Ontario


I would buy this coin again!


Nicely displayed.

Mitch the Collector

Ottawa, Ontario


Excellent, one of a kind collectors piece.


Very nice and unique piece. It is a fair size and weight. I own several Cape Dorset carvings and this is a nice little polar bear done a traditional pose with good proportions. The stone itself is a simple, mat grey. I've debated with friends over whether a white alabaster, or a more exotic black/green or grey blue serpentine would have looked better. In the end grey soapstone was a safe, neutral choice. The display stand is nice solid wood, however I wish the protective case was glass instead of plastic. I do understand the practicality of plastic, but glass with a screw on bottom would have been an extra special touch. I know it may sound as if I'm not happy with my purchase, or being overly critical, but that's not the case. I do live this piece and I think the Mint has the potential to continue on given the sheer number of stone options alone possible. I certainly hope they consider adding to the series.


Ontario, Canada


Truly unique!


I have the coin (sculpture) on display on a coffee table. It's a great conversation piece and the quality of the sculpture is extraordinary.


Des Plaines IL


Awesome Coin


I received this as a gift for a work anniversary. (My choice of gift). I don't think I could have picked anything better. The different finishes of the ice floe and coin, along with the bright blue water and soapstone truly make this coin a work of art. The coin is beautifully displayed under a clear dome set on a wood base. The dome does not distort the view. The soapstone bear is nicely carved and is a suitable size.


Thunder BAy


More art than coin


This is a beautiful piece. Definitely one of a kind.




Better than the gold plated animals


Hand carved polar bear on an ice flow. This is not a coin but a piece of artwork. Nicely displayed in a bell jar.





4.6 14


Is this coin sold out? There is no add to cart box on this coin.

Dary O

Hi Dary, Yes, this coin is basically sold out, but it's official status as of Oct 3 2017 is "Awaiting Stock" meaning we're just waiting a few days to see if any coin dealers or customers return any or cancel orders. But since this coin sold so quickly we're not anticipating many returns if any. You may consider contacting any of our authorized coin dealers to see if they have any. Here's the link to our dealer locator page; http://www.mint.ca/store/mint/customer-service/numismatic-dealer-locator-1400026


Is this coin part of a set or is it all by itself?

Darcy O

Hi Darcy, At this time this is the only coin of its kind we've released (5 oz silver coin with soapstone carving). We have not announced if we will be making other similar coins in the future. We encourage you to check back in the coming months for new product announcements.



  • No.160478
  • Mintage1,300
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 157.6
  • Diameter (mm) 65.25
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value50 dollars
  • ArtistDave Zachary (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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