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3D Coin – Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeTM (2016)

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3D Coin – Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeTM (2016)

$29.95 CAD
Mintage: 30,000
Canada and US only
93% SOLD!

INVENTIVE LENTICULAR DESIGN: As you tilt the coin from side to side, the silhouette of SUPERMANTM seamlessly transitions into the shadowy figure of BATMANTM.

While debate rages over whether he is a saviour or a false god, SUPERMANTM has become widely known following the destruction of METROPOLISTM in Man of SteelTM. Meanwhile, BATMANTM has always preferred to remain in the shadows and rarely allows more than a fleeting glimpse of him in action. As a result, the DARK KNIGHTTM is considered a vigilante by most—and a myth by others. While the two characters seem worlds apart they share a common purpose in the fight for justice that makes them "two sides of the same coin"—as symbolized on this exclusive coin.

The intricate, ultra-modern design combined with expert craftsmanship results in a valuable, one-of-a-kind movie memorabilia that is sure to be treasured by fans and collectors alike! Order your coin today!

Special features:
  • EACH PACKAGE CONTAINS TWO CARDS! Your coin comes with the Dawn of JusticeTM card, PLUS one randomized card with either BATMANTM, SUPERMANTM or WONDER WOMANTM. Find them all—only 10,000 of each card!
  • INVENTIVE LENTICULAR DESIGN: As you tilt the coin from side to side, the silhouette of SUPERMANTM seamlessly transitions into the shadowy figure of BATMANTM.
  • An officially licensed product approved by DC COMICSTM!


The reverse design features a dual image that shifts between two ultra-modern, stylized silhouettes of SUPERMANTM and BATMANTM. The first image plays with light and shadows to present the silhouette of SUPERMANTM in motion, his cape spread out behind him as he sails through the air and into action. Negative space within Superman's silhouette cleverly uses the red background to recreate the red S-shield that is famously emblazoned across Superman's chest. As the coin is tipped, lenticular (3D-like) technology causes the image to change to a second frame, which is a silhouette of BATMANTM against a dark grey background. The cape that stretches from one side of the coin to the other is now webbed, as a bat's wings would be. The white of Batman's eyes emerge from the pointed cowl, while the physique that previously bore Superman's iconic symbol is now filled in as BATMANTM springs into action in the shadows.

Order your coin today!

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and all related characters and elements are trademarks of & © DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
WB SHIELD: TM & © WBEI. (s16)


I would buy again


This is a gift




Its awesome


Its a great coin. Kids live it as do the adults.


Alberta canada




Excellent value


Burlington Ont


I would buy this product again


My brother loves it for his birthday


Ontario Canada


great memories


I purchased this coin for a birthday present. I felt it was a bit different of a gift. Unique.


Newmarket, Ont.


I was not that impressed.


I really just expected something better than this.




Beautiful coin


A great collectable


Sedona, AZ


Great idea


Great idea. Love superheros


Nova Scotia


I would buy this coin for gift




Winnipeg Manitoba


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


proud great-aunt to 2 American born great-nephews (their Mother is Canadian) I want them to know Canadian coins


Guelph, ON


3D Coin – Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeTM (2016)

4.5 109


How can I get a complete set of/ the cards? Thanks.


Hi Bob, Since the coins come with the Dawn of JusticeTM card plus one randomized card (BATMANTM, SUPERMANTM or WONDER WOMANTM) you would have to source the other cards from a coin dealer or other seller. Here's the link to our dealer locator page;


The page I ordered from mentioned a free gift, is the 'free gift' seriously just the collector cards and the cardboard that houses the coin? Not really a free gift when it shows on the order page and item description as being included, I was expecting something to be added, misleading if that is the case.


Thank you for your question. Anything in addition to the coin, whether it is a fancy wooden box to display all the coins in a series, or a wristwatch of Looney Tunes(TM) characters, those are considered to be a free gift as it accompanies the coin (or subscription). So in this case, the collector cards are in addition to the coin, so are considered to be a gift.

When is the delivery date of the batman vs superman 3d coin? I ordered it about 3 weeks ago. Thanks


Thank you for your question. Shipping for this item will begin on April 26th.

Would this be worth more than a 20 dollars worth of silver coin, or is this more because there are less made.


Hi SpiderCider, The Royal Canadian Mint does provide appraisal services of numismatic products. Note: The '3D Coin - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)' is made from base metal, not silver.


Do you get all the cards in one purchase of this.


Hi SpiderCider, Each package contains two cards. Each coin comes with the Dawn of Justice card, plus one randomized card with either BATMAN, SUPERMAN or WONDER WOMAN.


What is the metal the coin is made of?


This coin contains no precious metals (ie silver or gold). The base metal used to make this coin includes steel and other non-precious alloys.


So I just got my new $30 Superman vs Batman. It is nice good size. I like the sealed package. I'd buy another one. Except I do not see a 99.99 marking anywhere. Under composition it say base metal? What percent is silver? And what is base metal, steel?

Bri the silver guy

Hi Bri the silver guy, Not all of our coins are marked with the percentage of silver. If you are referring to our 2 oz coin in this series (No. 150118) it contains 99.99% pure silver. The certificate of authenticity does contain this information and the silver purity is guaranteed. The 3D coin on this page contains no silver. The base metal used to make this coin includes steel.


Is the coin enclosed in a plastic case, which can separated from the DC card product packaging?


Thank you for your question. For this product, the coin is not encapsulated in a hard plastic case. It is protected by the plastic blister on the card, but if it is removed from that, it does not have an additional hard plastic case like much of our other coins.

I received both coins and the cards appear the same. I don't want to try and take them out for fear of wrecking the packaging. When you open the flap, is the card you see the randomly placed one? What is printed on the backs of the cards? How come you don't show that?

Rag Picker

Hi Rag Picker, In order to get access to the two trading cards inside (one Super Hero card and one Batman v Superman logo card), you would need to open (damage) the packaging. This would grant you access to both cards, but the coin would no longer be sealed. The back of each type of card has a different story/bio, based on the character featured on the card.


I was told that there is a third image of Robin that can only be seen when the coin is tilted at a specific angle. Is this true and how can I view it?


Thank you for your question. The coin in question only flips between the silhouette of SUPERMAN(TM) and the figure of BATMAN(TM).


  • No.151185
  • Mintage30,000
  • Compositionbase metal
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g) 13.7
  • Diameter (mm) 35
  • Edgeplain
  • Certificatenot serialized
  • Face value25 cents
  • ArtistDC Comics (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)
Accessed January 23, 2018