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    Glen Green

    Green designed the 25-cent circulation coins from the Vancouver 2010 collection

    Born in North Vancouver, where he continues to work and live, self-taught watercolour artist Glen Green enjoys painting landscapes and wildlife. However, his innate ability to memorialize a moment in time, draws him back to people paintings, specifically sports personalities.

    An enthusiastic athlete himself, Green's intimate knowledge of sport is essential to his uncanny depiction of the movements and equipment featured in his work. Green's images immortalize people in action and create extraordinary lasting impressions of their moods and temperaments.

    Green designed the Vancouver 2010 25-cent circulation coins such as:
    • 25-Cent Curling Coin (2007)
    • 25-Cent Ice Hockey Coin (2007)
    • 25-Cent Wheelchair Curling Coin (2007)
    • 25-Cent Biathlon Coin (2007)
    • 25-Cent Alpine Skiing Coin (2007)

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