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1 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Orca (2013)

Mintage 8,500
Canada and US only
$89.95 CAD
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5th coin in this popular series!

The orca is one of the planet's most uniquely social mammals. Only elephants and higher primates have societies that are as complex and robust as that of the orca. This marine mammal’s social structure, which some researchers refer to as a "culture," reveals familial bonds, modes of communication, hunting habits and other practices that are passed on for generations.

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Special features:
• Your coin is the 5th in the O Canada 1 oz. silver coin series.
• Your coin portrays the orca in exquisite detail against the backdrop of the Canada's Northwest Pacific coast—part of Canada’s distinct landscape.
• Your coin is a great gift and collectible that celebrates Canada's natural wonders, the Canadian North.
• Struck in 99.99% fine silver, your coin is GST/HST exempt.

Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc and presents an adult female orca and her young calf swimming near a rocky outcropping on the ocean floor. The mother's distinctive rounded rostrum (snout) and light markings are presented with expert engraving, highlighting characteristic light spots above the orca's eye, on the lower jaw, and at the midpoint of her body both at her belly and behind her dorsal fin. Her powerful tail bends to propel her through the water, its bright underside visible. Bubbles rise from the blowhole atop her head. Beside her the young calf, that bears the same markings as its mother, swims comfortably, bubbles also rising from its blowhole. In the foreground of the image we see a rocky outcropping from the ocean floor populated by various sea grasses. Stylized line-work and expert engraving perfectly capture the sense of depth and buoyancy of the underwater image.

Each coin is encapsulated and presented in a maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a customized full beauty box.

This coin is an excellent addition to any coin display focused around nature. Order yours today!

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