$100 Gold Coin - 200th Anniversary of Descending the Fraser River (2008)

Mintage 5,000
Canada and US only
$409.95 CAD

Remembering an adventurer

Today, whitewater rafting is thrilling recreation, but two hundred years ago fur traders like Simon Fraser had no option but to risk life and limb navigating treacherous rapids in birch bark canoes. Charged with the task of opening up trade routes to the Pacific Ocean, Fraser set out from Fort George with 23 other men on May 28, 1808 an expedition his native guides said was madness. This gorgeous 14-karat gold coin brings Fraser's challenge to life by commemorating his descent of the river that now bears his name.

Highlights Extremely fine detailing and a proof finish combine to create a 14-karat gold masterpiece of superior sculpting that's limited to a very desirable 5,000 coins worldwide.

Reverse Simon Fraser directs his expedition down the rushing river beneath towering banks, with part of a massive birch bark canoe and its cargo visible in the background.

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