1/2 Kilogram Fine Silver Coin - Howling Wolf - Mintage: 1,000 (2014)

Mintage 1,000
Canada and US only
1 per household
$1,099.95 CAD

A FIRST! Half-kilogram coin!

Four subspecies of Canis lupus are found across northern and western Canada and in the region around the Great Lakes. Canis lupus lycaon, the Eastern Timber Wolf, resides in the south-eastern region of the Great Lakes. Canis lupus arctos, the Arctic Wolf, lives in the far north. Canis lupus nubilus, known as the Great Plains Wolf or Buffalo Wolf, lives in the south-central region just west of the Great Lakes. Canis lupus occidentalis, the Rocky Mountain or McKenzie Valley Wolf, has its home in the west as far north as Alaska.

Some experts believe that howling—that eerie hallmark of this unique species—is a key element of territory establishment, acting both as a warning to other packs and a call to gathering among pack members.

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Special features:
A FIRST! Your coin is the Mint’s first-ever half-kilogram coin! Over 16 oz. of fine silver.
• Your coin features a portrait of Canada’s beloved wolf.
• Your coin features four different finishes to lend depth and texture to Canadian artist Pierre Leduc’s beautiful wolf portrait.
• A stunning addition to any collection featuring Canadian wildlife, images of nature, Canadiana, or wolves.
• Your coin is GST/HST exempt with a limited worldwide mintage.

Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc and presents a profile portrait of a howling wolf backed by a coniferous forest. The central feature of the image is the highly detailed right-side profile of the head of a wolf, its muzzle turned skyward and its mouth open in the wolf’s familiar howling pose. Using up to four separate finishes to emphasize the texture of the wolf’s coat across its face, muzzle, ears, and neck, and to bring a lifelike gleam to its haunting eye, Royal Canadian Mint engravers have lent additional beauty to the artistry of the original design. These finishes also help to deepen the sense of high relief for the fore grounded wolf, which seems ready to emerge from the background of coniferous trees against which it is set.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded wooden box with standard beauty box.

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