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Returns are FREE (Canada only)

1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coins - O Canada 10-Coin Subscription (2014)

Mintage 40,000
Canada only
3 per order
$39.95 CAD  per coin
You could earn at least 400 points ?

Subscribe to save up to $45!

Total savings of $45!
  •   FREE display case valued at $29.95
  •   Savings of $15 on the Northern Lights coloured coin
  •   Plus no GST/HST!

Canada is a country of incredible diversity—its landscapes, its fauna and flora, its people. And while most Canadians live in urban centres, images and icons of this land’s wild nature resonate with each and every one of us. Cherish your favourites with this must-have subscription!

Save $15 on The Northern Lights (your ninth coin)
This coin shimmers with the ghostly green of the aurora borealis, a phenomenon that has inspired countless legends and continues to captivate admirers to this day. And if one is fortunate enough, perhaps the experience will be enriched by the haunting howl of a wolf.

Your first coin: The Igloo
Inuit have carved this refuge against one of the world’s most extreme climates for millennia. Using only that which nature provided and a great deal of imagination, they would build this warm and remarkably strong structure within a couple of hours—an ingenious pragmatism essential to their survival. Today, the igloo stands as a beacon to the resilience of the Canadian spirit.

Your second coin: The Grizzly Bear
This great bear has been honoured by Canada’s First Nations people for thousands of years, often revered with the same respect as a grandfather. Powerful yet solitary, the grizzly is a commanding example of the unconquerable and often elusive nature of Canada’s wilderness.

Special Features:
  •   Priority access: Avoid out-of-stock disappointment with guaranteed availability for every coin in your series.
  •   Price protection: You SAVE by paying the guaranteed price of each coin.
  •   Save an additional $15 with the ½-ounce Fine Silver Series! The exclusive coloured coin featuring the Northern Lights is regularly priced at $54.95 but is yours for only $39.95 when you subscribe.
  •   Pay only $39.95 per coin (NO GST!) when you subscribe to the complete series. One exciting coin per month!
  •   Pay-as-you-go: Your credit card is charged only when each coin is shipped.
  •   Risk-free: Each coin is backed by the Royal Canadian Mint’s 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Plus, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.
  •   Free display case with subscription: ships with your third coin (skiing)

The complete fine silver 10-coin series
   #1 - The Igloo - $39.95
   #2 - The Grizzly Bear - $39.95
   #3 - Skiing Canada’s Slopes - $39.95
   #4 - The Moose - $39.95
   #5 - Down by the Old Maple Tree - $39.95
   #6 - The Canada Goose - $39.95
   #7 - The Canadian Cowboy - $39.95
   #8 - The Bison - $39.95
   #9 - The Northern Lights (with colour) - $39.95 ($54.95 for non-subscribers)
   #10 - Canadian Holiday Scene - $39.95

Subscribe today!

Credit card purchases only. The Royal Canadian Mint reserves the right to limit the total amount of subscribers and guarantees product availability of at least one full series for customers seeking to subscribe to multiple 2014 O Canada Series. Your credit card will be charged when each coin is shipped. Subscription agreement may be cancelled at the customer’s request at any time with a phone call or written notice to RCM.

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