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1/25-Oz Gold Coin - Geese (2011)

Mintage 10,000
$109.95 CAD
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8th issue in this series of intricate pure gold coins.

Intrigue is crafted into every aspect of this coin—from its minute proportions to its intricate engraving, pure gold composition and limited mintage. This keepsake is highly collectable; it’s one of the Mint’s most accessible gold coins ever.

Coin design:
A flock of Canada Geese flying in their distinctive V formation. Previous coins in the series: 2004 Moose, 2005 Voyageur, 2006 Cowboy, 2007 Wolf, 2008 de Havilland beaver, 2009 Red Maple and 2010 RCMP.

An uplifting sight from Canada’s endless skies.
A flock of geese flying in V formation is a sign of changing seasons—a sight that also symbolizes Canada’s untamed grandeur.

The Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) is arguably the most widely known goose species in North America that’s readily recognized by its distinctive black head and neck with white “chinstrap”. Males are generally larger that females, growing 76 to 110 cm (30 to 43 in) long with a wingspan of 127 to 170 cm (50 to 67 in).

Couples are known to mate for life and nurture their young for several months after hatching. Their nests are usually located in elevated areas near streams and ponds.

The Great Lakes region is home to a large population of Canada Geese. In spring and autumn, the goose’s distinctive honking call fills the air, alerting residents along migratory flight-paths of the wondrous sight passing overhead.

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