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1/25 oz. Pure Gold Coin - Sea Creatures: Seahorse - Mintage: 7,500 (2014)

Mintage 7,500
Canada and US only
$129.95 CAD
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Second coin in the series! Order today!

The seahorse is one of the most fascinating creatures in the sea, and the province of Nova Scotia is fortunate to have one species of this extraordinary fish living along its coastline. It's the lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus), and its unique characteristics go far beyond its horse-like head, including a tail like a monkey; changing colours (and shapes!) like a chameleon; and a brood pouch like a kangaroo on the males so they can hatch and raise as many as 700 fry until they know how to swim!

The seahorse's eyes are reminiscent of a chameleon's and can also swivel about independently. Fish scales have been replaced by a bony armour that covers the seahorse's body in a series of rings, and the small dorsal fin, used for small amounts of propulsion, makes it easy to envision why this fish is not a good swimmer and needs a strong, monkey-like tail to pull itself around in the seaweed or coral.

An exceptional collectible with the heightened prestige of 99.99% pure gold that's also accessible for the budget-conscious. Order yours today!

Special features:
•   Your coin is the 2nd coin in the Sea Creatures series!
•   Superior craftsmanship captures the seahorse's bony armour in exquisite texture and detail.
•   A wonderful keepsake to discover and cherish the lined seahorse, the fascinating "fish" that's anything but.
•   A unique gift for proud Nova Scotians and other Canadians; nature and animal lovers; scuba divers, sailors; anyone who appreciates the countless marvels of the sea.
•   Your coin is GST/HST exempt with a limited worldwide mintage.

Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Emily Damstra who has created a stunningly detailed side profile of a female lined seahorse that clearly shows why this unique fish was named after a horse, but with a more tube-like snout that sucks up prey like a straw.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a black beauty box.

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Order your coin today!

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