1/25-Oz Gold Coin - Red Maple (2009)

Mintage 15,000
$99.95 CAD

Back by popular demand!

The intricate and diminutive proportions of this pure gold coin are truly irresistible—a fact that prompted us to bring back this tiny gold masterpiece. Like its predecessors that have celebrated iconic images of Canada, this year’s issue features maple leaves.

Over 100 species of maple trees can be found throughout the northern hemisphere, yet for most of the world, the distinctive shape of its leaves represent Canada. The leaves depicted on this coin are from the Red Maple. It’s one of the most abundant trees in eastern Canada, its foliage transforming the autumn landscape into a canvas of breathtaking reds.

Highlights: This intriguing collectible returns with a reduced mintage of only 15,000 coins worldwide. Beautifully crafted in 99.99% pure gold, with miniature proportions that demand a meticulous attention to detail, this coin delivers exceptional value and prestige.

Reverse: A pair of Red Maple leaves brings a truly Canadian touch to this unique collectible.

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