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14-Karat Gold Coin - 400th Anniversary of the Discovery of Hudson's Bay (2010)

Mintage 5,000
Canada and US only
$589.95 CAD
You could earn at least 5,900 points ?

John Cabot… Martin Frobisher… John Davis… Henry Hudson. More than a century after Cabot, Hudson began his quest for the elusive northwest passage to Asia. After three failed attempts, Hudson sailed for Iceland in 1610. From there, he crossed Davis Strait into the treacherous waters explorers called the Furious Overfall (modern-day Hudson Strait). After months of turbulent, ice-filled water and jagged reefs, the strait opened up. Hudson believed he had reached the Pacific Ocean, but he was mistaken; Discovery was in a vast inland bay that looked deceptively like the open sea. The Spice Islands were still out of reach, but Hudson had far outdistanced his predecessors—and his discovery proved to be of immeasurable value to England’s expanding fur trade.

Highlights: Anyone who has ever admired the spirit and skill of early European explorers will be delighted to own this exquisitely-crafted 14-karat gold coin. Superior sculpting makes it a veritable work of art; its collectability greatly enhanced by its limited mintage of only 5,000 coins worldwide.

Reverse: Henry Hudson in period dress, charting his voyage on a 17th-century map, his astrolabe and sextant at the ready.

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